What to Wear: Fabulous Outfits for 4th of July


What to Wear: Fabulous Outfits for 4th of July

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Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans! 'Tis the season for campfires, fireworks and an outfit that is just as exciting! It is like a fashion tradition to rock some American inspired outfits for 4th of July, but that doesn't mean you have to wrap yourself in an actual American flag. Although, no one is opposed to that either! However, if you want to take a chic original step into the holiday, here are some incredible options.



Who Wears Short Shorts

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We do, right ladies? Pull out your best pair of daisy dukes - but they can't just be any ole' denim! You totally need a pair that is striped in red and whites with the star spangled banner displayed proudly. Pair your shorts with a white tank or your best bikini top and head on to the shores. The best thing about this fashion statement is that the United States inspired shorts are super trendy and can be worn several times before the summer season ends.


Star Spangled Bikini

Forget the polka dot bikinis! Why not take that American flag-esque and imply it into your beach wear as well? Since it is likely that you'll be frolicking on the shores during this holiday, or hanging out with some friends at a poolside or barbecue, this is certainly a necessity for July 4th. If you can't find the perfect bikini in time, mix and match your bottoms for a red, white and blue combination.

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Accessories Galore

With the Fourth of July holiday, comes one of the very few days where you can accessorize like crazy and allow 'tacky' to be trendy. How's that for a sentence that doesn't come around too often? Definitely have some fun with your July Fourth fashion and pull out the awesome costume accessories that show off your patriotism. You can always go with a more chic look and wear a red headband or hat, and some bangles that shine the red white and blue! Shoes are always awesome accessories that can light up your entire outfit like fireworks. Whether you're wearing flats or stunning stilettos, make sure they are on point with the American inspired look you're going for.


Spangled Summer Dresses

Spangled is another word used for something that is shiny or covered with sparkling items, making spangled summer dresses perfect for outfits for 4th of July -Independence Day! Plus, you just can't ever go wrong with a glamorous summer dress! Even if you want to leave the spangled elements out in order to achieve a day look, just make sure to stick to those reds, whites, blues and even stripes and stars! Stripes also help give off that nautical appeal that is also a huge trend throughout the summer months, and something to certainly keep in mind if you're purchasing some new clothes for the big day.


Light off those fireworks, ladies! You'll be a patriotic fashion statement as you turn heads with every step you take on this summer day with these outfits for 4th of July. If all else fails, just remember - red, white and blue! That's all you need!

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