Trend Report: 3 Key Items for Fall Your Closet Will Definitely Need!

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Trend Report: 3 Key Items for Fall Your Closet Will Definitely Need!

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Are you ready for the fall season? In just a few weeks, we can say adios to summer and welcome the start of fall! And while I’m pretty sure you ladies enjoyed the warm summer months, some of you are probably excited to start a new season that leads to cooler and colder temperatures in the months ahead. And we all know what that means when it comes to fashion, right? Three words - seasonal wardrobe change. It's time to examine your wardrobe and update it to make way for the new season.


Fall season for some (northern sections of the country) may mean the incremental dropping of temperatures until the arrival of snow in winter, so it's best to choose clothing that will keep you all warm and bundled up in thick sweaters and coats. While those at the south think fall means wearing long-sleeves and a slight layering of clothes. But no matter which part of the country you might be living in, a wardrobe change is still in order. And not just any ol' wardrobe change, it has to be chic and fashionable, of course!


A seasonal wardrobe change does not necessarily mean you have to throw everything out, sometimes all your wardrobe needs is to keep the basic items, and give it a fresh twist by adding a few key items for fall that are already starting to climb to the top of the trends list. And this, ladies, is where I step in and help you! I've dug deep into the fashion world and came out with the top key items for fall that are gonna be HOT in a few weeks! Make sure to add these key items to your wardrobe and you should be all set!




This high-neck knit has been seen literally everywhere on the runways of New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015/2016. This fall, turtlenecks take the center spot when it comes to the sweater classification. This basic staple has been spotted worn not only in the traditional style (i.e, worn over pants, boots, and under coats), but also in new, refreshing styles such as unexpected prints like fun stripes, or unusual silhouettes like exaggerated funnel-like collars, which are ultra-chic, if I might say so!


16560668126_4d060c2930_z Tracy Reese Runway Show - Photo by Christopher Macsurak via Flickr



ROSEGAL Batwing Sleeves Turtleneck Sweater

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Another fall essential is the coat. And swinging on top of the sartorial coat pile is the blanket coat. Continuing the trend for oversized outerwear, the blanket coat is the favorite outerwear coat by contemporary, fashion-savvy women this year! And what's not to love about this key item for fall? Not only is it stylish and statement-making, it adds an interesting layer to any ensemble. What do you think, ladies? Are blanket coats a nay or yay for you?


16585975372_6d2b19d5a3_z Tracy Reese Runway Show - Photo by Christopher Macsurak via Flickr


blanket coat

ROSEGAL Solid Color Long Sleeve Coat

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The midi skirt, or mid-length skirt, or tea skirt, as some may call it, is the single hottest piece of clothing this fall when it comes to bottoms. Made popular way back during the 1940's, this trend, when styled correctly, is at the forefront of sophistication. It no doubt brings a polished and classy vibe to any look, and if you're the adventurous type, the combinations you can come up with this skirt are endlessly chic! Can you rock the midi skirt trend?


16710331187_685ab8b5b3_z Tibi Runway Show - Photo by Christopher Macsurak via Flickr


david-lerner-lace-midi-skirt-inkDAVID LERNER Lace Midi Skirt in Ink

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