Transitional Pieces That Will Carry You Through Fall


Transitional Pieces That Will Carry You Through Fall

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The breeze is getting colder, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all your summer favorites just yet. A lot of your warm weather favorites are actually versatile enough to make the cut as warm weather gives way to fall chills. Hold out on that closet overhaul and spice up your wardrobe for the next couple of months by injecting a whole bunch of pieces that remind you of sunnier days (this will also tide you over till your next beach trip!). 


Here are the top 10 beach pieces that seamlessly transition into your autumn wardrobe:

  1. Skater Skirt - This was the unofficial summer uniform for many, with its flirty and flattering silhouette. Continue wearing this throughout fall by pairing it with a thick, slouchy sweater and knee-high boots. Alternatively, channel rebel chic by pairing a skater skirt with a matte leather jacket and a fall-appropriate burgundy lip.
  2. Dark Capri Pants - While clam-diggers spell carefree frolicking by the beach, you can glam up these comfy pants by pairing them with suede round toe heels and a sleek trench coat that spells sophistication.
  3. Summer Dress - Probably one of the most versatile pieces you can invest in, the bright bold prints are great under fitted jackets or even a solid-colored turtle neck. Forget the rule against mixing light and heavy fabrics; this year experimentation and confidence trump it all.
  4. Boyfriend Pants - The loose relaxed fit of your worn-in, faded denims can be carried over to add a refreshing element to the somber colors of fall. Pair your jeans with a jewel-toned silk blouse and sexy pointed-toe booties for a polished but playful look.
  5. Cardigan - Breathe new life into your loose bikin cover ups and incorporate them into a tried-and-tested fall trend: Layering. Take a cue from Mary Kate Olsen, the queen of classy hobo chic, and pair it with leather leggings, snug pullovers, or your favorite skinny jeans. Pair it with humungous sunnies and a venti-sized Starbucks drink, and you could get mistaken for an Olsen sibling.
  6. Cropped Sweater - You may have to stash away your midriff-baring top till the next summer, but this doesn’t mean that your cropped tops have to go! Pair thick cropped sweaters with uber-flattering high-waisted jeans. Add pumps and throw on a chic leather vest to complete this sexy look.
  7. Colorful Heels - You don’t have to stick to boring boots and dark-hued footwear until spring. Break out those floral flats and bright oxford wingtips. These statement footwear pieces look especially striking against short skirts and opaque black tights.
  8. All things sheer - Trade in the bikini tops you wore underneath your sheer tops with a thin sweater, and top it off with a structured blazer. Chunky jewelry such as cuffs and chokers will be a great way to complete your look.
  9. Shift Dress - Shift Dresses are the default office uniform for the sweltering summer months. To take your favorite work outfit into fall, channel Mad Men’s Peggy Olson and wear a funky print button down underneath your dress for a kitschy 60’s feel. Top it off with a thin belt to accentuate your waist.
  10. Jumpsuit - Who would have thought that your playful romper can successfully be part of your fall wardrobe? Pair off this sexy staple with opaque tights and a bright coat, and finish the look off with kitten heels.

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