Summer's Trendiest Lip Shades


Summer's Trendiest Lip Shades

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The summer's sizzling heat is here, and the last thing you want to do is layer on the powder, mascara and shadows only to have it all melt away in the midst of the day's highest UV rays. This is exactly why your lips are truly your best accessories this season. So, perfect your pout with the trendiest lips shades for the summer. Slip your favorite tubes of vibrant glosses and subtle sheers into your beach bag to stay pouty and perfect throughout the day.


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Pinks to Die For

Every lady needs some pink shades in her life, and this season is bringing a wide range of hues to your lips. Everything from Nicki Minaj inspired bubblegum pinks to deep fuchsia, soft plums and pretty rose glosses are must-have lip shades for this summer. Brighten up your entire face with a soft swipe of your best pinks. Just be sure to pick a tone that matches your complexion!

Peachy Pales

While the summer definitely brings vibrant colors to the scene, softer shades are also a must for this season. Pales offer a softer, more natural appearance which can be the perfect accent to a beachy and effortless appeal. For a subtle glow, sprinkle some shimmering pinks, nudes and dusty peaches onto your lips.


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Sun Kissed Lips

Your skin isn't the only thing that can get kissed by the beloved sun. Your lips can too! This is also the ultimate beauty secret to keeping your face looking fresh and flawless while frolicking on the shores of your favorite beach. Rub on a soft bronze, or protect your lips and add some shine with SPF lip balm that offers a slight tint of cherry. Try to keep the tones close to your natural lip to pull the entire look together.

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Bright and Bold

No makeup bag would be complete without some bright and bold tones. After all, you need something to take you from day to night. Pick up some hot corals to add some excitement to your lips, and scrap the traditional Taylor Swift classic reds and find some popsicle inspired lip shade trend to keep the season prominent within your look. These glosses and lipsticks can be all you need to take your beauty from the sands to wearing nightclub wristbands.


As a rule of thumb, be sure to stay away from those cheap brands that offer sticky glosses. Yuck! You're sticky enough with all of the humidity. So, there is definitely no need to add in some more. Find your favorite best shades of the season, from sophisticated sheers to flattering nudes and bold blasts and dive right into the splashing tones and trends of this summer.

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