The Five Coolest Plaid Pieces to Perk Up Any Look


The Five Coolest Plaid Pieces to Perk Up Any Look

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Wearing plaid isn't just for lumberjacks anymore, it's the latest fashion trend celebrities are sporting on social media! The best thing about rocking plaid is that it adds depth and color to your outfit. So if you're like me who likes to stick to solid colors, give these five cool plaid pieces a try to give yourself a fashion makeover. Blue and red patterns are really 'in' this season. For the daring fashionistas, yellow and purple patterns stand out in the crowd!


Plaid Piece #1 - Coat 

Nothing says versatility and elegance like this black & white Abbeline plaid coat. This windowpane-style coat dons a single button front placate, two deep, spacious pockets and a bold print design that makes a fashion statement every time you walk into a room.


Plaid Piece #2 - Button Down Sleeveless Dress

This cute Oasap plaid print dress reminds me of old cottage country because of its scoop neckline, button-down design, and slanted pockets. It's something you can wear with a pair of flats and a cardigan, or you can dress it up and wear it to the office or happy hour. Just slide on a jean jacket for a casual look or throw on a black blazer for formal events.


Plaid Piece #3 - Hooded Top 

This is the 'must-have' plaid top to get this season! A button-up front, red, white and blue plaid pattern shirt by Eleventh Avenue is the ideal piece for winter dressing. It even has a detachable hood, so it's perfect as a hoodie, too! This hot item is for the casual fashionista who likes to wear jeans and leggings and a pair of UGG's. No muss, no fuss.


Plaid Piece #4 - Ruana 

Forget the scarf and jacket, it's time to throw on a ruana! Originating from Venezeula and Columbia, ruanas are poncho-style body wraps that add a touch of glamour to your look. This grey South Moon Under plaid ruana defines it all! Now wearing a jeans and knit top has never been this exciting. Throw this ruana on along with a floppy hat and scarf and you'll be the talk of the town!


Plaid Piece #5 - Leggings

Now black legging lovers can rejoice and throw on these Cici Hot red plaid leggings to make a statement. This will pair great with an oversize top and a leather or jean jacket. Or dress them up with a pair of heels and crop top that shows off your toned tummy! No matter which way you want to rock these red hot leggings, they are so cool that you'll never want to wear your basic black leggings ever again.


Jump on the fashion band wagon and try out these plaid pieces. If there are any other plaid pieces you can't wait to wear,  we'd love to hear from you! From all of us at Faearch, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Toodles!

Former model and Miss Universe Canada 2003 contestant turned author and actress has a passion for fashion! When she's not writing or on set, Hazel loves giving beauty tips on hair, make-up, skin care, and fashion, so that you can become a better, fabulous, you.

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