Taste the Rainbow: Welcome Spring With These Bold Pieces


Taste the Rainbow: Welcome Spring With These Bold Pieces

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Does anyone else feel like we get too bogged down in following fashion trends, or wearing what the latest reality stars are wearing? I've always been someone who wears what they like instead of what they are told they should be wearing, and sometimes that means I'm following the latest fashion trends, and sometimes it means that I'm not.

At the moment, I think I must be channelling my inner child as I am all about bold rainbow colors. Forget pastels and soft nude shades, to get myself in the mood for Spring, I'm embracing strong, saturated colors reminiscent of those rainbow paintings we all made in school. Any of these bold shades look great when worn head-to-toe, but they also look great when mixed and matched together. So why not stand out from the crowd and embrace some color this season?


Oranges and Reds

Oranges and reds are seriously stand out colors you'll see in many a flowerbed once spring has really sprung (in the UK we are suffering snow at the end of April...what is that?). So throw on some red and orange pieces, pop on some lipstick to match and go and run through a field of poppies.


Oranges and Reds: 1) Ted Baker Osiride Top; 2) Label Be Sixties Style Mini Skirt; 3) Marks and Spencer Platform Court Shoes; 4) French Connection Lace Dress; 5) Fiorelli Darcy Shoulder Bag; 6) Ted Baker Tempany Logo Stud Earring.

Rainbow Brights - Red



As we step into Spring, the days get longer and the sky (hopefully) will get bluer. Everything just seems so much better when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Why not celebrate the bright blue sky by adding some lovely blue hues to your wardrobe – some summery blue shades include cornflower, cobalt and, of course, sky blue. Steer clear of pastel blue shades as they are a little bit cold and icy for a sunny day, don't you think?


Blues: 1) Select Strappy Jumpsuit; 2) Replay Coated Top; 3) Paul Smith Cigarette Trousers; 4) Junarose Shaped Dress; 5) Vans Metallic Leather Sneakers.

Rainbow Brights - Blue


Purples and Pinks

Spring's floral bouquets wouldn't be the same without the purples and pinks. It seems like pink is the must-have color of the Spring 2016 season, so it couldn't hurt to add a little bit of it to your wardrobe, even if it is in just a few well chosen accessories. Just think how a pair of hot pink heels could brighten up any outfit.


Purples and Pinks: 1) Ted Baker Caryane Leather Biker Jacket; 2) Coast Meslita Skirt; 3) Closet Ribbed Panel Bodycon Dress; 4) The Caimbridge Satchel Company Satchel Bag; 5) Little Mistress Pink Cage Heels; 6) Rock My Vintage Purple Stone Ring.

rainbow Brights - Purples



When Spring arrives, the world because a lot more green – the leaves start to return to the trees; daffodils bloom all over the place, and the grass really flourishes. Green is a color that screams Spring, so it will make the perfect addition to your seasonal wardrobe – from forest green, to lime green, to deep, luxurious teal, they will all look just fantastic.


Greens: 1) Apricot Green Floral Crochet Dress; 2) Boss Black Textured Short Sleeve Knit Top; 3) Fashion World Asymmetric Panel Skirt; 4) Madam Rage Dip Dye Playsuit; 5) Kurt Geiger Bond Printed Leather Court Shoes.

Rainbow Brights - Green

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