Summer Fashion: Transitioning Your Look from a Warm Summer Day to a Cool Summer Night


Summer Fashion: Transitioning Your Look from a Warm Summer Day to a Cool Summer Night

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Something I always find challenging about summer fashion is the question of, how can I wear clothes which will keep me cool during the day and keep me warm at night? Summer days can be roasting, but if you’re out and about all day long and intend on enjoying the weather even when it cools off into the evening, you have to be prepared for it with an ever-fashionable outfit.

And here we arrive at the great dilemma of choosing an outfit which can be worn all day long, even when the temperature drops 10 degrees. Never fear – these outfit ideas can solve the issue and leave you looking stylish, day to night:

1) Shorts or a mini skirt with a sleeveless top, tights, and a cardigan.

I love this look. My go-to is a pair of loose, casual green shorts which hit mid-thigh, paired with a purple cowl-neck sleeveless sweater-style shirt, black tights, and black high heels. Carry a purse which is large enough to contain a cardigan (my favorite? A long, black knit number) so you can throw it on if the evening gets too chilly.


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The idea here is that the tights don’t make you any hotter than you would have been anyways with just wearing the shorts during the day, but at night the tights will actually add a little extra protection against any chilly breeze. Choose a top which is long enough so that it almost reaches the hem of your shorts or skirt, so that it creates a really lovely long, lean look to keep you looking fabulous.

2) Dress with boots and a scarf.

Scarves are so chic. Choose a pashmina-style scarf to ensure this look transitions effortlessly from day to night. Wrap it loosely around your back so that the ends come over your biceps and rest in your elbow creases during the day, and then in the evening wrap it around your shoulders, almost like a blanket or shawl.

You can wear any length of dress with this look, and you can choose to wear it with tights or without, but the addition of ankle boots will help to keep your feet warm in the evening without causing you to overheat during the day.


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3) Capris and a top with three-quarter-length sleeves.

Capris are such a fun summer staple! They can be worn in pretty much any temperature. In this case, channel your inner hippy and pair your capris with a loose, billowy-type blouse made of light material. The blouse should have slightly longer sleeves to keep your arms warmer as the day wears on.


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