Style Profile: Beyonce's Best Looks


Style Profile: Beyonce's Best Looks

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Beyonce truly knows how to rock the red carpet and captivate the whole world with her elegant (and, sometimes, very revealing) designer gowns. But what I love about Beyonce's fashion sense is her ability to pull off looks from urban cool to sexy business casual. She always looks so hot and you can, too. Here are some of Beyonce's best looks, which you can definitely take some fashion inspiration from.

Back to Black

The late Joan Rivers once said that she didn't like it when celebrities wore black on the red carpet because it was so predictable, but when Queen Bey rocked an all-black Proenza dress to the 2015 Grammy Awards, she received kudos from the Hollywood fashion police. That plunging neckline is hot!

Flower Power

From red carpet glamour to flower power, Beyonce looks so cute in this black flower printed dress, white blazer, and nude pumps. This Queen Bey street ready look suits the office, brunch, and summer parties.

Black & White 

Beyonce loves to dress up in black & white outfits and I can see why. She pulls off the look so easily. With this two-piece white skirt outfit, Queen Bey simply threw on a black hat and black open-toed heels to complete the outfit.

Bright White 

A vision in bright white, Beyonce looks immaculate in this white gown and a diamond choker. White dresses looks good in the summertime, and keep in mind that you can wear a white dress to any occasion, except a wedding. A white dress is reserved exclusively for the bride to wear on her wedding day, so take heed.

Just Jeans

For a beautiful summer day, Beyonce keep things low-profile. She slipped into a pair of skinny jeans, a white tank, and threw on a bunch of her favorite necklaces. Getting this look is easy, just rock several necklaces at once or one big clunky one with some bracelets, and there you have it - a glamorous streetwear look!

Any Beyonce looks you're crazy in love with? Tell us!

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