Strobing 101: The Hottest New Makeup Craze


Strobing 101: The Hottest New Makeup Craze

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Makeup mavens and beauty experts are saying that strobing is the new contouring. Focusing more on highlighter and doing away with the more complicated shading with darker/lighter shades of contouring, strobing is a hot, new makeup trend that you should try.


What is Strobing?

First things first, what is strobing exactly? Strobing is basically highlighting the features you want to be the focus. As the light hits and reflects off of those highlighted areas, your features pop more and come alive. Strobing is a strong highlight, that when done right will do away with the need to contour. This technique has got the beauty world in a frenzy, and is perfect to get that dewy glow.


Here's what you need to strobe your way to gorgeous:

  • Your favorite/trusted/recommended highlighting fluid/stick/powder: You can opt to layer two or three of your choice products together, but using just one kind works just as well. Here's a quick guide on how to pick a highlighter that works best with your skin tone:


  • Something to blend with: You can either opt for the cult favorite, Beauty Blender, or you can use a blending or concealer blush.

That's all you need in your beauty arsenal. Isn't it great that you only need two things to execute this trendy look? Perfect for on-the-go beauty gals.

A final tip before we proceed to our how-to tutorial: Before strobing, prep your face and make sure it's moisturized so that it serves as the perfect canvas for your highlighter to glide on smoothly.

Our Picks

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2-Step Process

Strobing's effect is amazing, and yet the process to get this gorgeous look is super simple. All you need is two steps.

First, identify the areas where the light hits your face or the features you want to highlight, and simply apply your highlighter directly on them. Check out this super useful graphic from The Beauty Department:


Next, using either a cosmetic puff or brush, blend and make sure that the edges are completely blended into your skin. Double check to see that there are no makeup lines or pronounced edges.

Your final result should look something like this:


So are you ready to take on this makeup trend? It's super easy, right? I know you'll nail it! I love that you don't need a lot of tools to execute the look, and that you can easily customize strobing to suit your face since you can choose which features to make the center of attention. Learn this technique and master it as this brightening look is perfect for those end-of-summer parties.


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