Stellar Style: Stars Gather for Haute Couture

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Stellar Style: Stars Gather for Haute Couture

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That special time of year that every fashionista dreams about is here -- it's Haute Couture week and boy, today's top designers did not disappoint. Walking the fine line between fashion and art, the collections of Versace, Margiela, and Gaultier were among our favorites, awakening a delightful tinge of excitement that can often be found lacking in the time between spring and fall. For this, we're forever thankful for couture week -- here's our round-up of fabulous looks so far.

Maison Margiela

Love him or hate him, John Galliano knows a thing or two about putting on a show. The designer's Haute Couture collection was every bit as odd as we'd anticipated -- a quality we absolutely adore in couture. Striking shades of cobalt adorned everything from turbans to lips – a welcome pop of color within a collection filled with drab shades of gray and other neutral colors. The show marks a definite comeback for disgraced designer, who rocked the fashion world with his drunken, anti-semetic tirade just a few years ago. Not wearable, but highly fashionable indeed, these pieces were made to make a statement.


Leave it to the famed -- and feared -- Donatella Versace to serve us glamour on a platter in the most refreshing of ways. Usually filled with strong silhouettes and sex appeal galore, this year's Haute Couture collection was sweet as could be, encapsulating the epitome of summer with each and every sheer, floral piece. A delightful mix of feminine edge, we adore the way the collection speaks to the hippie in all of us. Ethereal gowns in flowy fabrics and other gorgeous details like lace and beading in between, Versace's Haute Couture runway was filled with an unmistakable dose of pretty and safe it to say, we couldn't get enough.

John Paul Gaultier

"Genius" is the only word we have to describe the Haute Couture collection of Jean Paul Gaultier. The seasoned designer's specialty is now couture, so it makes sense that all that energy would expel something extraordinary. Gaultier's got a knack for making fashion fascinating with over-the-top silhouettes capable of telling a story. Practical? No. Spectacular? Yes. From tailored suits to gold embellishment and a fair share of far-out frocks in between, Gaultier's talent knows no bounds and is perfectly representative of the power of couture.

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