Must-Have Bomber Jackets to Take From Winter to Spring


Must-Have Bomber Jackets to Take From Winter to Spring

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You can finally put the dark and dreary days of winter behind you. With spring well upon us, you’re likely eager to jump into all the new fashion trends sprouting on the shelves of your favorite stores. But that doesn’t mean you have to forbid your winter wardrobe altogether. One of the biggest spring fashion trends is all about the bomber jacket. Since you probably have some already stored away in your closet from the previous seasons, this is an excellent way to transition your wardrobe into spring without breaking the bank. Here are some must-have bomber jackets trending this spring.


Sleek and Silk


Bomber jackets come in such a wide variety of fabrics, but we are totally loving sleek, silky styles this season. These are perfect for transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring because they’re light, airy and ideal for the unpredictable weather of this season. To really show off your fashion sense, opt for a style in a quilted material.


Floral Print Mania


It’s not every season we see floral prints blossoming on the sleeves of outerwear, but this season's bomber jackets are here to change it up a bit. Plenty of bomber jackets are sprouting all kinds of floral prints, and they’re perfect for feeling that spring fever even on the chillier days. Print mixing is also a huge trend. So if florals aren’t your thing, find some bomber jackets that combine stripes with polka dots, or plaid and paisley prints.


Unique Neutrals


Forget about those blacks and browns because they are so last season. This spring's fashion trends are taking the term “neutral” to a whole new level. Think maroons, gem hues, navy blues and mocha shades.


Break out the Brights

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On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, bomber jackets are also trending in super bright and vibrant tones. Think oranges, yellows, bright blues, greens and pinks.


Minimalists, Rejoice

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Things aren’t completely eccentric and wild this season, although the fashionistas really love that sense of style. Minimalism is definitely up there on the trend list. All-white bomber jackets are a must, and give off a super chic look, at that. Bomber jackets that have no frills, no collars, no pockets and not much more than just fabric formed into a jacket are also a huge hit this season. It’s the tiny details in these numbers that will make a huge statement within your wardrobe.


Whatever your sense of style is, there’s definitely a bomber jacket fit for you. This spring's bomber jacket trend has really planted the seed for a blossoming fashion season to come.

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