Shows That Have Definitely Jumped the Shark


Shows That Have Definitely Jumped the Shark

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Television fans are treated to nail-biting excitement during season finales and giddy anticipation for each season premiere. In a perfect world, all fans are treated to this flawless cycle of gleeful media consumption. But we've all experienced the slow disappointment of a show that's lost its magic. Convoluted plots, irrational characters, and suddenly experimental cinematography are just some of the ways TV shows alienate viewers, and it’s always a little heartbreaking when you realize you can’t even sit through your favorite show anymore. You’re not alone! Here are three shows that definitely jumped the shark. 

One Tree Hill

A small town, two brothers, and a gaggle of cheerleaders. This show was gloriously simple and straight to the point during the first few seasons, and the audience lapped up the tight-knit gang’s high school shenanigans. The first five seasons were just fodder for teenage angst, and the audience found almost all the characters realistic and relatable. 

Fast forward to season 6, when the show suddenly decided to introduce a bunch of new characters to replace two of its lead stars. Plots became inane, the dialogue became trite and the characters just aren’t the same high-schoolers you rooted for. Suddenly the show wasn’t about the friendships formed in Tree Hill. Instead, it became a series of breakups and betrayals.

Desperate Housewives

Talk about a bitingly funny, relatable, and well-written show. The first season debuted to glowing praise from critics for adeptly portraying stereotypes with wild abandon. After a stellar first season though, things quickly took a downward turn. Plot lines became flimsier and confusion, not continuity, became the name of the game. The fourth most popular television series saw a rapid decline in viewership in season two, largely due to the introduction of myriad new writers. It was such a shame, too, because this has to be one of the best ensemble casts that TV has seen in a long time.


When it debuted, viewers excitedly predicted that Heroes would be the saving grace of NBC. This comic book-style drama had an engrossing plot and a host of very likable characters with enviable superpowers. It was hard to find someone who wasn’t a fan of the first season of Heroes. In season 2, though, a promising concept became muddled by the addition of too many new characters, super villains, and confusing subplots. The slow pace of storytelling rendered the distractions even worse. 

What show do you love to hate these days? Let us know in the comments below!

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