Shoe Report: Stylish Sandals Perfect for Celebrating Your Summer


Shoe Report: Stylish Sandals Perfect for Celebrating Your Summer

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With every new season comes a new shoe style that is a total must-have within every lady’s wardrobe, and with the summer heat shining down, it’s time to slide your toes into a pair of stylish sandals that are super haute to trot. The fashionable combination of comfort and luxury is something no one should ever skip out on, so check out these chic summer sandals and pair them with your favorite dress, high waist shorts or really, absolutely anything in your wardrobe -- they’re just that versatile and that’s why we love them!



Hands down, the neoprene trend is totally one that has owned this summer season. With just one look around, you’re bound to see someone sporting a neoprene bikini, top or better yet, stylish sandals. This trend is all about color combinations that are divided by sleek, straight lines that illuminate a geometric appeal, and you certainly didn’t have to get an A+ in geometry class to rock this fashion favorite.


Ancient Greek

It wasn’t too long ago that gladiator sandals were a hit in the fashion industry, and this season’s sandals trend takes a similar approach and inspiration. Ancient Greek sandals don’t go as far up on the leg as gladiators do and typically stop right at the ankle, but one of the biggest similarities is that they still have the straps that make both looks a total hit. They also come in classic monochrome tones and shiny metallics, and you can even find styles with stunning designs inspired from the era.

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Color Craze

‘Tis the season for bright, vibrant colors that make you want to sing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ as you drink margaritas on the poolside or hang out with the ladies on the patio. Forget those pastels of the previous season, and think electric yellow, neon pinks and all colors alike. Many stylish sandals are also combining this season’s trending colors into one style to really brighten up the look.

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White Washed

The all-white, monochromatic fashion trend isn’t only a favorite for clothing this season. With the fashion tip of never wearing white after Labor Day and that date quickly approaching, there is no better time to indulge in the crisp and chic look of an all-white ensemble. It’s also an excellent tone to show off your sun-kissed glow.


Earth Inspirations

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The summer season is definitely fun and maybe even a little bit wild, and for the days when you’re looking to incorporate a little something-something that can emphasize your humble attributes, earthy tones are a total must. Many sandals have taken on earth-tones and elements that can provide incredible warmth and comfort to your entire wardrobe. Now, if greens and browns just aren’t your thing, grab yourself a stunning pair of wedge sandals that give you an added dose of height, and you just can't ever go wrong with some animal print flats!



There isn't enough time in the day to talk about all of the hottest sandals this season, but if you’re a fashion footwear addict – and who isn’t – your wardrobe is totally set for the rest of the summer.

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