A Chic Summer Crop Top Look for Every Style


A Chic Summer Crop Top Look for Every Style

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Crop tops are a total hit for this summer, but sometimes the trend may be too much for the timid. Fortunately, there is more than one chic way to wear a stunning summer crop top, so whether you're ready to bare some skin in the sun or want to rock a high fashion, sophisticated appearance, it can be done - and rather fabulously as well. Whatever your style of fashion is, there is a summer crop top attire that will appeal to you.



The Many Ways of a Skirt

When you first think of a skirt and a summer crop top, you likely think of a lot of skin showing but this is not always the case. There are many different styles, fits and fabrics that can take a revealing summer crop top and turn it into a fun and flirty or classy masterpiece. A circle skirt is perfect for the summer as it's cinched at the waist and flares out fabulously. Contrast the flow of the skirt with a fitted summer crop top. For a glam look, try out a bandage skirt with your crop tops. This sleek and slimming look is perfect for a night out with the ladies, or even to the office as long as you only allow a sliver of your midriff to show. Mini and maxi skirts are always a haute item to rock and can also give off the appearance you're going for.

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The Incredible Ways of High Waist

Instantly decrease the amount of skin showing with your summer crop top and emphasize your classy appeal with high waist bottoms. Everything from work trousers, high waist shorts (that cover your booty), tailored denim shorts, peplum or palazzo pants and even high waist skirts can instantly take your wardrobe from mix-matched pieces and turn them into a chic masterpiece. Switch up the kinds of bottoms you rock with your summer crop top and you're ready for everything from the bar, beach and boardroom.


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The Fabulous Ways of Layers

Layers are like the eraser of fashion... Only instead of erasing fabric, they can cover up the areas you wish to hide or take the attention off of the midriff and focus on statement markings instead. Every lady needs a black blazer in their wardrobe because it goes with everything - including each one of your summer crop tops, and can turn the outfit you wore to the latest music festival into a fashion forward outfit for the office. Statement pieces are always excellent to add on, and you'll be amazed at how a bold necklace can take any crop top and make it look effortless and chic. It's like an instant sparkle of glam that turns a skin-baring belly top into a show-stopping attire. You can even layer your summer crop top over a tight dress, or throw a vest on your top to add a bit more contrast. Layers are a must and when you play up different fabrics and fits, you'll be amazed with the end result.



These three basic rules of thumbs when it comes to styling your summer crop top are truly everything that you need for this summer. You can glam even the simplest of styles up, or add a sophisticated touch to the shirts that you deemed to be too risky for the office. You can accessorize for a night out on the town with the ladies, or keep it fun and flirty for a day out shopping or jamming out to your favorite bands at the next popular music festivals. Who knew that a summer crop top could be so versatile? At least now with these tips, you won't ever have to miss out on a stylish opportunity again.

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