Resort Wear 2016 Round-Up: The Hottest Looks from the Runways


Resort Wear 2016 Round-Up: The Hottest Looks from the Runways

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As the calendar days come closer to the end of May, our wardrobe seems to get a little more "bleh". You just aren't as excited about your latest summer dress purchase that flows flawlessly in the wind and your accessories are just feeling outdated. You probably even wonder how it's possible to feel enthused about your wardrobe when the season just started. Well, it's the pre-season blues. Some retail therapy won't help because the spring collections are about to go out and the weather isn't ready for the summer clothes filling the shelves of your favorite stores. Luckily, there is a cure for your pre-season blues, and the Resort Wear 2016 round up is here to give a dose of fashion that will satisfy your style needs in between seasons.


Favor Florals

resort wear 2016, fashion trends, Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

It shouldn't come as a surprise that florals are fashion designers' favorite print, one they just can't stop sending to strut down their Resort Wear 2016 runway shows. Florals are a must-have for spring, and for your summer wardrobe as well. Adding this feminine feature into your in-between season wardrobe is an obvious choice, but the difference for Resort Wear 2016 is that designers are taking on a bit of a latin flair, indulging in bold, blossoming flowers and vibrant tones.


Feminine Frills

Femininity is fashion when it comes to Resort Wear 2016 trends, and what is more feminine than frills? The key to keeping this trend elegant instead of bringing on memories of your favorite Sunday dress you wore as a child is to make sure the ruffles and frills are oversized. Add a bit more edge to this look with leather frills and accessories.

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Pleats, Please

Things get even more feminine within the Resort Wear 2016 collections as pleats come back into play, and it seems like this is the trend almost every fashion designer can agree on. Incorporate a pleated skirt into your wardrobe and spread your fashion flair.


Cropped Flares

Taking a page out of the aforementioned Resort Wear 2016 trend, cropped flares are making a major comeback. Forget those jokes about flood pants. Designers are favoring culottes that are cropped above the ankle and hit just below the knee, giving them a '70s flair. It's the shape of the season - or rather, the season in between the seasons.

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Fabulous in Furs

Whether you're a faux fur gal or prefer the real stuff, you can't deny that furs make you look fabulous in an instant, but we aren't just talking about regular (faux) fur trims on your outerwear, or a brown (faux) fur vest. The Resort Wear 2016 trends are kicking things up a bit by mixing together all kinds of graphics, geometry and gorgeous shades. Things are getting wild in an entirely new way.

resort wear 2016, fashion trends, Photo: Courtesy of Jason Wu

Nautical Gone Mad

Another fashion trend that's a favorite throughout the spring and summer seasons is the nautical one, but the Resort Wear 2016 has changed things up quite a bit. While classic stripes are still a must, the fashion industry has traded out the navy blue and replaced it with monochromatic options sure to impress. Black and white stripes, ladies -- an elegant combination of classic appeal with contemporary crisp.


Pink Pastels

With femininity being such a prominent element throughout the Resort Wear 2016 collections, it's a no-brainer that pink pastels are the must-have tone. Add some blush aspects into your wardrobe, and allow it to be the new white everyone has dubbed it as. Designers are also loving head-to-toe pant suits in bold pinks, so indulge if you dare to be rare.


It's safe to say that the Resort Wear 2016 trends are loving feminine elements -- classic fashion that's taken a trip to the wild side, making it the ultimate cure for those pre-season blues!

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