One Sweater Dress, Five Ways To Wear it Flawlessly


One Sweater Dress, Five Ways To Wear it Flawlessly

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Sweater dresses are among the top fashion trends this time of year because they add so much warmth and comfort into your wardrobe. You can layer up when the days are chilly or layer down when the weather gets nicer -- it's a totally versatile piece that can be worn for so many different occasions. If you've ever wondered how you can take your sweater dress to all new levels of style, here are five ways to rock the look that you may not have even known about.


Wear with Accessories



The power of simplicity is always nice to have within your wardrobe, and the sweater dress definitely provides this. For warmer days with a little bit of chill, grab your sweater dress and your best accessories, and chic style is sure to follow. Whether it's a trending flat-brimmed hat, boots or some long necklaces, your sweater dress will look stunning when paired with them!


Wear with Leggings


There is a big difference between leggings and hosiery, especially when pairing them with a sweater dress. Leggings, or tights, are thicker than hosiery and have a more casual appeal. They’re also a total staple and every lady needs several pairs in her closet. Pair your sweater dress with leggings and instantly get that comfy warmth you desire. Pair with some flats or booties and you’re set for the day.


Wear with Hosiery and Heels


Hosiery is thinner that leggings, are sometimes opaque and sometimes sheer, and can take sweater dresses to fancier levels. Pair with some stunning high heels and add a bit of sparkle with fashion accessories, and your sweater dress can go from day to night in no time.

Wear with Layers


Sweater dresses are so versatile that you can pile on the layers, or strip them off to create all kinds of new looks. For the colder days, take advantage of the knitted scarf fashion trends and get cozy with your ensemble. You can toss on a cardigan or a classic black blazer for some added warmth, or you can layer on the accessories to embrace your individuality. Contrast with different textiles or incorporate a belt to cinch you at the waist for a more feminine look. Layers can change this one piece of fashion in a variety of ways.


Wear with a Twist


Sweater dresses sometimes don’t even need anything extra to recreate an entirely fresh look. Pull one side of your sweater dress over your shoulder, and you now have a style that combines comfort with a bit of edge. Add in a stunning handbag, and your ensemble can go from the boardroom straight to the bar.


The sweater dress will keep your wardrobe alive with very little effort needed. Head on over to Faearch and grab yourself one – or several – and you’ll never be stuck standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear. It’s the one piece of fashion that brings plenty of options into your wardrobe.

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