North Wests' Ballerina Attire Defines Celebrity Fashion


North Wests' Ballerina Attire Defines Celebrity Fashion

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While some may argue that you can't take celebrity fashion advice from a child, there's no denying that we can all learn a little something from Kim Kardashian's mini-me, North West.

With only one glance at the latest pictures of Kimye's stylish creation (and daughter), North West, you can see how a chic ballerina ensemble can be turned into a street style masterpiece. Mind you, could you really expect anything less from the daughter of one of the most stylish members of the Kardashian Clan? It may be time for Kim Kardashian to move over and make some space for her little tot as she struts her street-style stardom flawlessly.

She Defines Celebrity Fashion

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That's right, ladies. North West is literally the definition of celebrity fashion. Her style was on point as the little tot was seen debuting her ballet attire with her extremely fashionable momma.  Over her adorable little white tutu, North was seen wearing a leather Balmain jacket which is totally a must have item for this summer season. The adorable ensemble was completed with a ballerina bun tied up at the crown and classic white ballerina shoes to boot. Sorry for the pun!  While North may only be 23 months old, you can't deny that she has a way of taking a traditional look and turning it into her individual masterpiece.

What To Take Away From This Celebrity Fashion

As this little toddler dances around in an all-white ensemble, it goes to show that celebrity fashion is still loving the lighter shades for this season. Whites and pastels are a spring and summer must, and combining them with similar tones (the monochromatic fashion) is even trendier - and extremely chic to do as you can see on the fabulous Miss West.  Her ballet attire shows you just how elaborate an all-one-shade outfit can truly be, and if you have a super cute hair style with a pout that could make the Grinch's heart melt, you're even more set.

Achieving Classic and Chic Femininity

North West has the classic ballerina appeal down pat, and it just so happens that this kind of celebrity fashion is not just one for the dance studio, but for the streets as well. While you may not strut the sideway wearing a tutu, opting for feminine elements such as frills, a classic chignon, and the crisp appearance of a chic white ensemble can really be all you need to tie together an outfit that is perfect for the season. Throwing your arms in a timeless leather jacket that contrasts sparks of gold buttons can also take your celebrity fashion from day to night in seconds.

The Kardashian clan has always been able to define celebrity fashion impeccably, and could you really expect anything less from their adorable offspring? The monochromatic, feminine and chic trend is some of summer's biggest fashion trends right now, and North rocks this classic solid color outfit flawlessly. It just goes to show how the simplest of fashion items can look couture within seconds of adding a cute little chignon on  top.

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