New Year, New Relationship: Ditch These Bad Girlfriend Habits

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New Year, New Relationship: Ditch These Bad Girlfriend Habits

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You’re madly in love, and unfortunately with that comes the fear of losing the man of your dreams. So, what do you do? Naturally, you start to analyze yourself as a girlfriend; trying to decide whether you’re the best one out there, or not even close. Whatever it may be, you’re on the right track because you’re already trying to improve yourself and your relationship as a whole by checking out this post. Here are the most common bad girlfriend habits so many of us ladies do, and have no idea how toxic they truly are to a relationship.


  1. Stop The Lies

Whether big or small, little white lies are all the same – an act of dishonesty. Lying is simply never healthy for a relationship. You shouldn’t feel like you have to be dishonest, and you certainly shouldn’t be doing things that require you to be dishonest. It may be about how much you racked up on the credit card while shopping with the girls, or who texted you at 3am. Whatever it is, drop this bad girlfriend habit and start being honest.


  1. Stop Being Flirtatious

There’s no harm done with a little innocent flirting, right? Wrong! Flirting with other guys is a major bad girlfriend habit you definitely need to work on. Just think about how you would feel if tables were turned, and it was your man “innocently flirting” with other girls. If you’re doing something that would intentionally hurt your man, and flirting with other guys will, you definitely need to work on that. That’s also not to mention that “innocently flirting” with other guys leads them on. So, you’re playing with more than just one heart here.


  1. Stop The Trash Talking

You hate your boyfriend sometimes. We totally get it because everyone gets sick and tired of their man from time to time. However, if you use that time to trash talk your guy, or find yourself bad-mouthing him even when you’re on good terms, it’s a bad girlfriend habit that should change. You have to ask yourself, if you spend so much time talking negatively about your boyfriend, is it worth continuing to be in that relationship?


  1. Stop Being Super Clingy

You love your man, and we’re sure he loves you too. So, there’s no reason for you to be clinging onto his leg when you’re out in a social setting, looking over his shoulder when he’s reading text messages or bombarding him with questions when he’s out with the guys. These are the kinds of things that can actually make a man stray. Confidence is sexy, so be secure in yourself and your relationship, and you will never have to be that overwhelming girlfriend ever again.


  1. Stop Being Insecure

Everyone has their insecurities. Yes, even your guy. It’s a common thing but also one of the worst bad girlfriend habits to have because the actions that follow are usually fairly harmful to a relationship. He loves you for a reason. Remember that, and remind him of this every chance you get – and he’ll be sure to do the same. Together, you can have a stronger bond.


Relationships are tough. There’s no doubt about it, but these 5 bad girlfriend habits make them even harder! Sharpen up on your skills, and you’ll be the kind of girl he never wants to get rid of.

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