Must-See Summer Concerts to Attend This Season


Must-See Summer Concerts to Attend This Season

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There is nothing worse than sitting at home flicking through Instagram only to see your best buds posting pics at the hottest, greatest summer concert of the season, or seeing them tent-out at a 4-day festival that you would basically give your life for. If only you could just rewind time and learn of these events going on this summer before it's too late. Luckily, you don't have to channel your Backstreet Boy fan girl and rewind time. Here are the absolute must see summer concerts of the season that you can still get tickets to right now. Flip cup, anyone?



Iggy Azalea

If you like a girl (and a concert) with a lot of sass who certainly likes to break the rules, especially within the industry of female stars, then Iggy Azalea is your gal. Her Azalea's Great Escape tour is a highly-anticipated event this summer, and unfortunately it was pushed back to start in September, but the weather is still nice so we can still consider it a summer concert, right? Here's the kicker! The entire set is supposed to have a post-apocalyptic vibe. How badass is that?

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Taylor Swift

Who doesn't love some T-Swift? She's like the ultimate icon for all ages of females and even the men out there love her. So grab a large group of friends and hit up her 1989 World Tour. If you've gotten your earbuds on some of her new tunes, you already know that this tour is going to be one of her best yet.



One Direction

Whether you're a teenybopper or in your 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's, you have to admit that you love some One Direction. I mean, c'mon. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne all in one place is like God's gift to women. It's a shame Zayn Malik quit the group, but the quartet will have to do! These boys are performing at stadiums across the good ole' United States this summer and it’s a summer concert that is certain to make you hot!


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Nicki Minaj

If there is one lady who is known for giving a show, it's the lovely Miss Nicki Minaj. This rap star has totally changed the game in the industry and she always sets the bar super high for the following generation of stars. Snake bites (although an accident) and a dress that won't zip up (although apparently publicity stunt)? Can you really go wrong with a Pinkprint summer concert? You have no idea what to expect!



Luke Bryan

Country is a genre of music that we all love to hoe-down to. Okay, not quite. We aren't really the line dancing type, are we ladies? Regardless, we can all agree that Luke Bryan is a total babe and country concerts are some of the greatest times known to mankind. So, raise your red cup and boogie down with this incredible singer's Kick the Dust Up Tour. He's even performing at some festivals!



These must-see summer concerts will change your life as you know it. Pull out your tent and red cups for a country festival or concert, 1D fan girl shirt, rapper-inspired sass and call your best girls. It's time to make this summer one that you'll never forget.

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