Must-Have Summer Pieces to Round Out The Season


Must-Have Summer Pieces to Round Out The Season

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Rompers. Crop tops. Giant statement necklaces. We've all seen them dotting the runways and accenting the beauty of Hollywood luminaries. But for the average gal who just wants to leave her house looking put-together, these summer pieces may seem impossible to pull off. Have no fear, though. The glamour of runway-ready trends can become a part of your workaday life – if you're willing to make a few tweaks, that is.


There is perhaps nothing that divides fashionistas' opinions more readily than rompers. These challenging pieces can be reminiscent of infant-wear if you're not careful, and a poorly fitting romper can leave your body lost in a sea of fabric. If you're ready to give rompers a second look, you only need to know three simple rules:

  • Pick rompers that nip in at the waist. Otherwise you'll look like a child. For an even more attractive look, wear a wide belt around the waist of your romper.

  • Choose a romper that looks like a dress. The shorts should be relatively loose-fitting, but the top should be fitted; otherwise you'll end up with a strange silhouette.

  • Steer clear of patterns. Patterned rompers may be cute, but they can overwhelm your body, leave you looking larger than you are, and remove even the slightest hint of sophistication.

Crop Tops

There's no escaping the fact that our entire society is obsessed with thinness. For many women, then, crop tops activate their worst fears about their bodies. You can wear these tops no matter what your body type. The key ingredient is a hefty dose of confidence. For a look that leaves you feeling good instead of self-conscious, follow these tips:

  • Wear high-waisted bottoms, which will cover up much of your lower stomach, creating a smoother, sleeker look.

  • Keep your pants or skirt relatively loose-fitting, but not baggy.

  • Don't wear a belt.

  • Your top should fit flush against your skin, but should not dig into your skin, which can add bulk.

  • Pick a top in a solid, neutral color like white, black, or tan. Avoid prints at all costs.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces aren't necessarily hard to wear in the traditional sense. In fact, you probably have a few in your jewelry box already. The challenge is figuring out what to wear them with. They can look too dressy, too clunky, and like way too much if you wear them with the wrong outfit. So what's the secret? Make a statement necklace your only piece of jewelry. It's called a statement necklace for a reason – it speaks for itself.

What about clothing? The recipe is pretty simple. Unless you're going to a ball or gala – in which case you should feel free to go for broke and wear your prettiest gown – your statement necklace should be the dressiest part of your outfit. Paired with a sundress, statement necklaces tend to look too cutesy. Worn with dark-wash jeans and a bomber jacket, though, your statement necklace is a sexy, trendy signal of femininity.

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