Fierce Fashion Trends: How to Wear Overalls Without Looking Like a Farmer


Fierce Fashion Trends: How to Wear Overalls Without Looking Like a Farmer

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Embracing the overalls trend may seem hard to some of you. After all, it's a fashion trend that is best known for appearing on a farmer. Not a good look, right?  Well, surprise! For those of you who don't remember, overalls made a stylish comeback in the 90's and they totally rocked but their time on the runways didn't stop in that era; overalls are one chic fashion trend that everyone is wearing right now as they turn the sidewalk into their very own fashion show. Even celebrities are going all farmer-esque, sans the farm. So to be sure that you too have a look that is super haute to trot, follow these stylish tips.



The Crisp and Chic

White, white, white. Considering it's the season where that's the last thing we're seeing on the ground, this fashion trend is a must. Monochromatic fashion is crisp and chic, perfect for running errands, having lunch with the ladies or even hitting up the latest fashion convention. So grab some white overalls, a white tank and some white shoes and contrast with some gold accessories and jewelry.

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The Casual Gal

One of the season's most popular fashion trends is casual athleticism, so can you really go wrong when combining the two into one incredible style with overalls? Never. To keep your outfit casual with a hefty dose of chic inspirations, incorporate athletic inspired sweatshirts or varsity tanks into your look. Pair them with your favorite sneakers and a slouchy handbag or cross body bag, and you're ready to kick this casual look into high gear.

The Uptown Girl

Take this street style favorite to the next level with a little bit of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars inspiring your look. Add in some florals and frills into your attire to achieve that feminine flair. It could be as simple as rocking a floral crop top with your overalls or even grabbing a floral print clutch to accompany your outfit to your next date.

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The Bad in Black

Every girl has to indulge her edgy side from time to time, and the overalls fashion trends can definitely cater to your inner wild child, just add in some black while incorporating your favorite fashion forward elements into the look to make it unique and fabulous. How about some animal print with some black overalls and leopard print converse? How can anyone go wrong with that?


...And that is exactly why the overalls will always make their comeback. They are so incredibly versatile, fitting different moods and clothing styles already hidden within your closet. On hot summer days, pair them with a tank or a trending crop top and for colder days, grab that varsity sweatshirt. I guess farmers have always been ahead of the style game.

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