How to Rock Pastels This Season


How to Rock Pastels This Season

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The warmer days are here, and that calls for some pastels in the closet. Grab your best pair of pastel shoes because with this list of styling tips for the season's must-have items, it's time to go shopping!

With the spring and summer sunshine, pastels become the ultimate chic hues of the seasons that embrace a feminine 'Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun' appeal. So, it's time to trade out the bold gem tones and thick knitted items from the colder months and thrive on fresher styles of pretty pale shades that will refresh you and your entire wardrobe. Follow these tricks of the trend to keep your ensemble elegant and stylish instead of looking like an Easter-themed fashion frenzy.

Add Some Edge with Leather

If the pastel fashion trend has you worried about looking too sweet and innocent like the girl next door, adding some leather pieces into your wardrobe can flip the switch and immediately show off your individual edge. In order to keep the feminine appeal prominent within your ensemble, opt for leather pastels, such as pastel shoes or even a pretty pale leather jacket. These are staples that can be incorporated into a wide variety of different outfits that are also more sophisticated than your ruffed up black leather skirt.

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Be Bold With Pastel Prints

To emphasize your individual style this season, liven up your wardrobe with some bold pastel prints. You likely already have some solid color pumps, so slip your feet into some pastel shoes that have a chic floral motif on them, or pair your pastel pieces with tribal prints or your best graphic tee. The idea that pastels are too plain is about to be quelled.

Shine in Metallics

While metallics and pastels may seem to be on opposite sides of your wardrobe, combining the two can be the ultimate way to add some more edge into your elegant attire. Pastel shoes with metallic clasps can provide you with the optimal fashion statement, and even pale hues that have metallic undertones can give you that spark and shine to emphasize your fashion-forward style.

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Style with Structure Pieces

With the pastel fashion trend comes the fear of being mistaken for an overly-excited Easter fan, and while we all like to snack on those Marshmallow Peeps, looking like one is a totally different story. Fortunately, adding some structured pieces that emphasize sharp line within your ensemble can keep you fashion-forward and elegant without encouraging any kind of Easter association. Pastel shoes is an excellent place to start, but don't underestimate the value of a slimming pencil skirt or a fitted, lined blouse.

Strut Those Stripes

Not only are stripes one of the biggest fashion trends this season, but they're also an excellent way to indulge in the pastel trend without having to plunge right in. Trade out your nautical stripes for some pretty pink, blue, or yellow stripes and embrace two of the season's must-have trends at once as you take your pastel shoes out for a modern and fresh spin, perfect for the warmer days.


As a rule of thumb, when it comes to rocking your best pair of pastel shoes with an ensemble rich with pale shades, leave the frills and puffy skirts for another day. There is a fine line between pretty in pastels, and channeling your inner 5-year-old who is excited that the Easter bunny came to visit. Keep things structured and add in elements of bold edginess to keep your fashion on point this season.

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