Pale Pink Perfection: Be Bold in Blush This Summer


Pale Pink Perfection: Be Bold in Blush This Summer

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Pale pinks are the must-have fashion staple of the summer, and you certainly need to learn how to perfect the blush fashion flawlessly to enjoy its feminine appeal. Now, many ladies are weary of pastels for fear of looking like an a) Easter Egg or b) the little girl dressed in a fluffy dress that she once was because let's be serious, pale pink is a color usually associated with princesses, ballerinas, and 4-year-old girls. However, we are here to save the day because this fashion trend isn't one that should be missed out on, whether you're a trendsetter or you like to stick to the basics. Here are the ultimate ways to rock pale pink, guaranteed to give you the chic style you desire this season.


Minimize the Poof

As a rule of thumb, when rocking pale pink, stay away from anything that has too much poof. Keeping the silhouette sleek and tailored will deter that 5-year-old ballerina vibe that we all so desperately want to avoid when indulging in this fashion trend.

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Forget the Frills

When wearing shades of blush, place importance on fabrics and other elements to ensure a chic, sophisticated fashion statement. Frills and a loose, fluffy fit is not recommended. Always try to pick fabrics that accentuate the look you are trying to achieve -- think cashmere, wool and cotton to keep things elegant.


Pink Faux Fur

Whether you're the kind of lady that likes to treat herself to real fur, or are the kind who is a tad more animal-friendly, there is no denying that (faux) fur is an excellent way to show off your originality and creative fashion statement. The best thing about this trend is that dyed furs are super haute! Runways are filled with all kinds of colors, and combining two trends into one masterpiece can never be a bad thing. It's the ultimate way to take a basic outfit to the next stylish level.

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Pairing for Pinks

While a head-to-toe pastel pink look may not be your idea of a fashion statement (although pink lady-like suits are a fashion trend), you need to know what to pair your blush items with to get the look you're going for. As mentioned, choosing one color and sticking with it well throughout your outfit is a huge fashion trend and you may even want to give it a shot and see how you pull it off - which will be fabulously, of course. However, neutrals are always a safe option to create a chic, feminine look while making your pastels really pop. Pairing pastels with vibrant tones can also add some edge to your style. So, play around and see what you like best!


Makeup Counts

Yes, ladies, makeup counts as fashion too! If you aren't too enthused to throw a bunch of blush pastels into your wardrobe or want to indulge into the pastel fashion trends lightly, an excellent place to start is with your makeup. While pink eye shadow may not be your think, a pastel pink lip color or even nails can be the perfect trick to enhance your entire attire.



Perfecting the pastel pink fashion trend with these tips is foolproof and you certainly don't have to resemble anything close to the 5-year-old ballerina-by-day, princess-by-night little girl we all used to be.

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