How to Achieve the Bold Brows of your Dreams


How to Achieve the Bold Brows of your Dreams

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Unfortunately, many of us were 'blessed' with tragic eyebrows that really don't do much for our appearance when they are rocking the au natural appearance. Since your eyes are such a captivating element of your beauty, your eyebrows really shouldn't be underestimated, and with bold brows being a huge trend right now, there's no better time to start perfecting them.

Work With What You Have

When achieving your dream brows, you need to do less daydreaming and come back to reality for a little. You may admire Kim Kardashian's bold brows or prefer the brows of another A Lister, but the truth is that you must work with what you have in order to get that natural, bold beauty. Every face is different, and your perfect brows have to line up with your assets. To find the perfect points for your brows - where they should start, peak and end - line a pencil vertically up right beside your nose. This is where your eyebrows should start. Turn it diagonally so that the pencil crosses over your pupil, and this is where your eyebrow arch should be. Lastly, line the pencil from the corner of your nostril to the end of your eye and that's where your eyebrow should trail off. You can either pluck for perfection, or use a soft powder to achieve the brows of your dreams,


Less is not More

This is a massive mistake so many of us make when it comes to maintaining our eyebrows. We can take the hairs away but we can't put them back which often leaves us with scarce, thin eyebrows that definitely don’t give us the bold facial features that is the biggest beauty trend. Pluck moderately, or get your eyebrows professionally done and you can usually get it done for under 20 bucks. Threading is a must-try that will give you incredible results, sans the risks of waxing.

Fill 'Em In

Now that you have the shape down for your brows, it's time to perfect them into a masterpiece. As a rule of thumb, find a soft pencil or brow filler that is two shades lighter than your natural brown color. Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows and blend, blend, blend with a small brush. You never want that 'drawn on eyebrow' look, and blending is key to never looking like the cartoon version of yourself.

Thicken if Needed

This sounds like an odd beauty recommendation because who wants bushy brows, but there is a fine line between bushy and thick - the latter being a huge trend. If you find your eyebrows being tragically thin, apply some castor oil on at night to encourage some growth. You can even get brow extensions that can be done at home, or at a salon. This is a tip to have on hand if you're a culprit of the over-plucking.

Set Them In

Your brows are shaped and filled, and now it's time to set them in for the day so that they don't smudge throughout the day. There's nothing worse than having one eyebrow missing or faded - or smeared across your forehead. Use a brush to further blend the color and invest in a high quality setting spray that will set all of your makeup, making it last day to night.


Say goodbye to those thin brows because bold ones are stepping in and stealing the show. Follow these tips and you'll be having the brows of your dreams in no time.

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