House of DVF to Premiere This November on E!


House of DVF to Premiere This November on E!

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Beyond the glitz, glamour and gloss of the fashion world is an industry built on hard work, dedication and a level of talent rivaling other great artists of our time. Diane Von Furstenburg wrote the book on all three. With over four decades in the biz, this European beauty turned American designer extraordinaire is among the fashion industry’s most respected figures. Now, glamour girls will catch a glimpse into the life and business of the 67-year-old designer whose wrap dress forever changed the face of fashion. House of DVF will premiere this fall on E!, providing an inside look into the luxe label and the group of fierce women vying for a place among the spectacle.

Von Furstenburg’s rise to fashion fame is a fairy tale to withstand the ages. Her star power has been solidified since the 70s when she was known to frolic the dance floors of Studio 54 alongside famous artists like Andy Warhol. A feminist force to be reckoned with, Von Furstenburg touted her groundbreaking wrap dress as one that could be easily slipped on without waking a sleeping man when quietly leaving the next morning. This and the notion that women should feel sexy in their clothing drove Von Furstenburg’s design aesthetic early on. Ever the proponent of female empowerment, Von Furstenburg has taken great care to distinguish her show from the many who exploit women. Girl Power spirits are high in the land of DVF, so we’re sure to see plenty of hugs amid the tears and occasional shade slinging.

This isn’t the queen bee’s first spin at reality television. The designer has also held guest roles on “The Hills” and competition shows like “Project Runway” and “America’s Next Top Model”. The show’s executive vice president promises a wild ride filled with words of wisdom from her fashion highness, the Supreme of Style herself.

“Diane von Furstenberg is one of fashion’s most innovative designers and a true icon who inspires women to seize opportunities,” Jeff said in a statement.  “There is a magical, somewhat ‘Willy Wonka’ aspect to the world Diane wants to create with this show.  That is if Willy Wonka were a fabulous, glamorous fashion icon willing to share her secrets with talented young women dedicated to learning them.”

If there’s anyone who can create a fashion fantasy via garments, it’s Von Furstenburg. Bold prints and vibrant shades are major elements of the DVF aesthetic, and a woman with such creative imagination is bound to know a thing or two about the inner workings of the larger-than-life fashion industry. With great stakes comes an even greater payout, and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is sure to evoke a healthy dose of reality television drama. It’s time to rally up your most stylish gal pals for a weekly fashion fest that’s sure to become one your favorite Sunday traditions.

"House of DVF" debuts on E! on Sunday, November 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Diane Von Furstenburg’s memoire, "The Woman I Wanted to Be" is available to pre-order from Simon & Schuster for shipping on October 28.

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