Great Gifts to Make the Guy in your Life Very Happy


Great Gifts to Make the Guy in your Life Very Happy

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Christmas is almost here and many of us will be starting to panic that we have done very little shopping for gifts. hat have we been doing for the past 3 months. The Christmas decorations in the shops in October should hve been a clue that we needed to get to work, but somehow here we are. Well, fear not. I have come up with a little gift guide inspiration for that special guy in your life.


The Comic Book Guy

Is the special guy in your life comic book obsessed? Does he eagerly count down the days until the next Marvel or DC cinema release? Or does he want to name your pet or first born, Batman? The this guy is probably not going to be too enthused if he finds a voucher for a facial under the Christmas tree. You may wish he spent a little longer on his grooming and a little less time with his action figures, but you still love his child-like enthusiasm for his favourite superheroes. If you want to make him smile from ear to ear this Christmas, then these gifts definite winners.


The Comic Book Guy: 1) Batman Shaped Mug; 2) Marvel 3D Ironman Wall Light; 3) Puma Batman Tee; 4) Pop Avengers Hulk; 5) Heath Official Superman Cap; 6) Superman Logo Messenger Bag.

Christmas Gifts for the Comic Book Lover


The Gamer

Does your guy seem to have a games controller surgically attached to his hands? Is it cause for panic if you block his view of the TV when going about your day to day activities? Do you know anything and everything about the weapons of Call of Duty, despite not wanting to? Then the special guy in your life is probably a gamer. Sure you'd like to curl up on the sofa with him more often, but you do enjoy sitting by him as he plays. You can read a good book, secretly laugh when he gets upset when he loses, and pretend you don't secretly enjoy watching the game. Make that special gamer in your life, as happy as he makes you, with these high scoring gifts.


The Gamer: 1) Ls30 Wireless Gaming Headset; 2) Fallout 4 Vault 111 Backpack; 3) Retro Plug-and-Play Games Controller; 4) Titanfall 2; 5) Metal Gear Solid - Diamond Dogs Dogtags.

Christmas Gifts for the Gamer


The Clothes Horse

Is it your boyfriend that takes an age to choose something to wear with clothes strewn all over the floor. Does he drag you round the shops endlessly looking for that perfect shirt? Is he always commenting on the outfits of David Beckham and Tom Hiddleston, wondering where he can get the look for himself? The n the special man in your life is the clothes horse. He loves how a good outfit makes him feel, and he embraces the latest fashions. Yes, you would like a little more access to the full length mirror, but you love that he embraces fashion, it means you always have a shopping buddy that will tell you if your bum looks big in that dress. Take some inspiration on what will make your well-dressed man happy as can be this Christmas.


The Clothes Horse: 1) Ted Baker Logan Funnel Neck Coat; 2) Armani Jeans Striped Slim Fit Shirt; 3) CK Eyeglasses; 4) Vans Classic Slip-On; 5) Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Drainpipe Skinny Jeans; 6) Aquascutum Club Check Laptop Bag.

Christmas Gifts for Fashion Loving Guy


The Groomer

Are you always fighting for space for your beauty products on the bathroom shelf? Or are you sick of waiting for the guy in your life to finish getting ready – he has such short hair, how does it take hi so long to style? The special man in your life is a groomer, he takes pride in his appearance and he doesn't see it as anything to be ashamed of, and rightly so.. You do get a little irritated that you spend so much time waiting to get in the bathroom, but his gorgeous soft skin certainly makes it worth it. So this Christmas, why not join your special man for some pampering over the festive season with these great gifts.


The Groomer: 1) Men's Society beard Grooming Kit; 2) Kent Narrow Grooming Hairbrush; 3) Remington Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit; 4) Tigi Bed Head Man On Fuss Free Grooming Gift Set; 5) Givenchy Pi Neo Gift Set; 6) Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Gift Set.

Male Grooming Gifts for Christmas

So what are you waiting for, there aren't many shopping days left until the big day!

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