Get Your Denim Fix Even When It’s a Hot Summer!


Get Your Denim Fix Even When It’s a Hot Summer!

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When it comes to summer and warmer temperatures, you might feel as if you should pack away all of your thick denim pieces, along with your corduroys and leathers. But how many times have you regretted wearing jeans to a summer party, wishing you could have worn lighter or fewer clothes? I’m sure we all felt that way one time or another, but for denim people, what if I told you that you can still get your denim fix even when it’s a hot summer?



These days, fashion designers and brands are doing a brilliant job of transforming our favorite denim into wearable, trendy pieces perfect the warm summer season! So before you start saying goodbye to denim and thinking you’ll miss the next few months not wearing them, sit back, relax, and read on to learn how to get your denim fix this summer.



Denim Shorts


Always a summer wardrobe staple, denim shorts are your number one denim must-have for the season. They look good with pretty much anything. This year, the style to go for is frayed denim shorts, as demonstrated by fashion brand Chloe.


Chloe Frayed Denim Drawstring Shorts


IRO Sanoa Denim Short

Shop denim shorts here


Denim Dresses


Since dresses are the ultimate summer piece, and since so many people can’t have enough of our beloved blue fabric, it’s inevitable that denim dresses will start popping up all over! Heads up! Denim dresses are très chic for summer, in case you didn't already know!

msgm-denim-pleat-skirt-dress-denimMSGM Denim Pleat Skirt Dress


SJYP Denim Overall Dress

Shop denim dresses here.


Denim Tops


The most I can think of when denim and tops are mentioned are those long-sleeved, thick, oxford shirt types that are so not suitable for warm temperatures. Think of the stains when you start to perspire – Eeekk! But that was until a few years ago, when denim tops suited for summer started circulating the world of fashion. Hooray for that! Don’t you think so, too?


Clayton Denim Joy Top

gold-hawk-denim-camiGold Hawk Denim Cami


Denim Skirts

Denim skirts have been around for ages. What makes them more interesting this year are the different cuts and styles available. There are so many!


Forever21 Classic Wash Denim Skirt


Marc Jacobs Patchwork Denim Maxi Skirt

Shop denim skirts here.



Denim Bags


Yes, even denim bags are making a statement! This, in my opinion, is the ultimate accessory for us denim lovers!

denim bag1

Olivia Miller Denim Zip Trim Backpack


See by Chloe Vicki Leather and Denim Shoulder Bag


Denim Sneakers/Shoes


Sneakers have always been the go-to shoes for summer, and it’s really not that hard to figure out why! Since summer is known as the season for casual looks because of all the “fun under the sun” mottos and hype, sneakers are the perfect solution. Other than our favorite sneakers, other types of shoes are also starting to get denim-fied – and we're in denim heaven over it!



Keds Taylor Swift's Champion Dot


The Sak Ella Ombre Denim Slip-Ons


Seychelles Dreamy Denim Sandals

Which of these items will give you your denim fix this summer?

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