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Get the Celebrity Look: Nicole Richie

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"Oh hay, girl, hay!" That's something that you could totally expect to come out of this super stylish celebrity's mouth and even her wardrobe. Of course, we're talking about Nicole Richie - a fashionista that focuses on wearable outfits that are boho-chic inspired and packed with individuality, often provided from oversized pieces or an overload of accessories. There is one thing for sure, if any star can, Nicole Richie knows how to make a white tee and boyfriend jeans look damned hot. Let's dig deeper into this celebrity's looks and see how she pulls them off so simply and effortlessly while also making them look super couture.

Hair is Fashion

You can't deny that hair is not only an element of your stunning beauty, but it's also one of the best, though often overlooked fashion accessories, but not by Nicole Richie. She often accentuates her boho-chic appeal with messy, loose waves that look completely effortless. Even if you have short hair, you can still rock this celebrity look. All you have to do is make sure your hair isn't prim and proper. Polished is not the Nicole Richie way when it comes to hair. Instead, a laid-back Gypsy vibe is what you should go for. Everything from fedoras to braids or even beaded headbands or feather clip-ins can work as many wonders for you as it does for this incredible fashionista.


Accessory Overload


Yes, accessories are one of the most prominent things you'll find within all of Nicole Richie's outfit, and it's safe to say that you can get the celebrity look by overloading on accessories just like she does. Find some bold statement jewelry pieces that really show off your personality. Those sleek and simple designs aren't giving you that dramatic appeal you want. So, whether it's bangles, bracelets, necklaces or rings, always remember; the bigger and bolder, the better. You also can't forget about those big sunglasses either - a statement within this celebrity look as well. If a pair of sunglasses make you think of bug eyes, then they're your next fashion companion. Nicole Richie's sunglasses typically cover the majority of her face (in a chic way) and often have some sort of vintage style whether it's from the eyeglass frames or tone of the glass.


Patterns and Cut-Offs


When you're shopping for your next Nicole Richie inspired style, search for patterns and cut-offs as this lady loves them. To channel this celebrity look flawlessly, paisley, tie-dye, floral and ikat patterns are always a must. You may even be able to find some of these styles at vintage shops or previously owned boutiques - or even your mom’s closet. As for the fabric, breezing chiffon, embroidered styles or sexy silks are always excellent options favored by Nicole Richie. Don't forget about those cut-off styles though, because Nicole Richie's celebrity look quite often depends on them. Whether they're cut-off shorts, or a cut-off top that is now a crop top, go for it. When paired with the high-waist trend, you'll have the boho-chic look down pat.


Nicole Richie's look is all about comfort. If it doesn't look or feel comfortable, it isn't Nicole Richie. This is obviously a huge benefit that isn't only stylish, but also practical. Fashion should never have to feel like a pain, and with these tips, your celebrity look inspired by this incredible fashionista is going to be completely effortless and flawless at once.

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