Four Stylish Office Outfits For Summer Time


Four Stylish Office Outfits For Summer Time

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The workplace must be the setting for simple blazers, white button-up collared shirts, and plain black dress pants. Right? Wrong! Your office attire doesn’t have to be boring in order to be professional. These four stylish office outfits are just right for the office and for representing your personal style, too:

All black is a flattering look on anyone,

1) The monochromatic number

Wearing a single colour in varying hues from head to toe can be an incredibly powerful statement. This looks oozes professionalism, confidence, stylishness, and a straight-to-business kind of attitude. A pantsuit with ankle boots or a pencil skirt with blazer and heels make the monochromatic look a simple and straightforward yet stylish office-appropriate outfit.

but you can also go with an all grey look (very chic!), or a classic blue from head to toe. Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone with this one and trying out monochromatic neutral or nude tones, too!

2) The perfect silk scarf

So your office is pretty strict on the blazer / collared shirt / black dress pants combination. Why not accessorize to make the outfit appeal to your sense of style? A colourful silk scarf is just the thing! Wrap it around your neck, sailor-style, or use it as a belt or hair piece.

Other options here for accessorizing an otherwise plain and somewhat boring look is to pair it with really fabulous jewelry (think a cocktail ring or antique brooch), colourful heels, or a sleek purse. The right accessories can jazz up any outfit.

3) The pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are an office staple. They look flattering on everyone, and they neatly bridge the gap between femininity and professionalism.

You could go with the usual black or navy blue pencil skirt or matching pencil skirt with blazer – or, you could add a little extra flare to your outfit by choosing a pencil skirt in a gorgeous jewel tone! Keep the rest of your outfit understated and make your colourful pencil skirt the feature piece in your look here.

4) The ruffle blouse

This pretty look adds just the right amount of whimsy to any outfit! As with a brightly-coloured pencil skirt, try to keep the rest of your outfit fairly understated when you’re wearing a ruffle blouse. Depending on the type of office you work in, you might have to be content wearing a white blouse with a simple, small ruffle at the collar, or you might be able to wear a colourful flower-print blouse with plenty of ruffles cascading down your front.

Whichever you choose, you’ll love the otherworldly feel to this outfit and the way it lifts you up and out of the everyday realm!

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