Five Shows We Still Miss


Five Shows We Still Miss

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The shows we love can become so ingrained in our consciousness that the characters feel real. It's no wonder, then, that a show cancellation can feel like a death in the family, but all good shows must come to an end. Here are our five recently cancelled favorites.

Mad Men

Man Men followed the exploits of Donald Draper and the long-suffering women in his life for seven seasons. Viewers spent an entire summer speculating about the show's end – Will Megan Draper live? What will happen to Betty? Will Don ever achieve domestic bliss? Drama at its finest.


The forever young high schoolers of Glee left school and went on to bigger projects. The later seasons' viewership meant an early exit for the songbirds. Farewell.

The Newsroom

The emotionally wrought newsroom drama ended after season two, marked by an election night proposal from Will to Mac. The fate of each character was left in limbo, making for an exciting final season.

Parks and Recreation

After seven seasons of hilarity, Parks and Recreation is no more. The show went out on a high note, after receiving stellar ratings and benefiting from a dedicated cult following.

Cougar Town

Originally broadcast on ABC, Cougar Town celebrated its final season at TBS. Like a fine wine, Cougar Town got better with age. For its final season, producers promised the best season yet.

For more details on this season's hottest shows, check your local television lineups, and remember that show cancellations are fickle things that can change with the wind.

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