The Five Best Netflix Series to Binge On This Summer


The Five Best Netflix Series to Binge On This Summer

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Admit it. Sure, your Instagram account may be filled with gorgeous images of weekend happenings, and your Facebook may tell the story of a dynamic, busy life. But we all have to step back from adventure sometimes, and even the most active among us occasionally needs to do it – the fabled Netflix binge. Sitting down and watching an entire series might not be a good idea for everyday living, but it's a great way to burn off steam every now and again. If you're looking for a weekend binge, here are the five best shows to check out, and they're all available on Netflix right now.

Orange Is the New Black

Part comedy, part drama, part social commentary, this show is based on the real-life exploits of a privileged woman who ended up in prison. Featuring memorable, multidimensional characters, a penchant for displaying the gritty and often abusive conditions in prison, and a remarkable ability to keep things light even when tackling challenging issues, Orange Is the New Black is definitely worth a try.

House of Cards

A scheming congressman teams up with his brilliant wife to hatch the perfect scheme. This political thriller's forward momentum is unstoppable, and each scene is packed with information, foreshadowing, and inside jokes about Washington politics. Imminently watchable, this show is even better on the second –or third – time around.

Gilmore Girls

Steel yourself. Gilmore Girls is coming has been making a Netflix splash since last fall, and the reactions on Twitter have been hilarious. All seven seasons will be available, so now's the time to start saving money and be as productive as possible. After all, if you're like any dyed-in-the-wool GG fan, you'll barely be able to bathe, let alone tear yourself away from the television and go to work.

American Horror Story

Featuring the best elements of a horror movie wrapped up into a neat little series, American Horror Story's true talent is its steadily growing sense of horror. You won't be jumping out of your seat or afraid to sleep. Instead, this show specializes in questioning the human condition and highlighting the capacity for evil that resides within us all.

Reno 911

This hilarious cop farce makes light of the dark underbelly of law enforcement. And for anyone who's ever had an unpleasant run-in with a police officer, the hilarity, incompetence, and downright strangeness will almost certainly hit close to home. If you hate the drama of other shows and want something that will leave you laughing without neglecting the chance at some biting social commentary, you can't miss this show.

Now that you've got the very best Netflix series all queued up and ready to go, we'll see you in a few weeks. You won't be leaving your bedroom or living room until then.

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