Fierce Fringed Items to Elevate Your Spring Style


Fierce Fringed Items to Elevate Your Spring Style

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It’s time to shake it, twirl it and rock it this season with some fringe fashion. This trend is all the rage at the moment, and it can instantly revamp your entire wardrobe. Just a little fringe goes a long way, so channel your inner diva and dive into these fun, flirty styles to take your fashion sense to a whole new level.


Ready for Summer Festivals


‘Tis the season for summer festivals. Whether you’re at a local community concert or sipping out of solo cups at a famous music festival like Glastonbury, fringed items are totally worthy of all your endeavours. Grab a fringe top and pair it with denim cut-offs to shake it to the best tunes of the season. You can even turn old tees into a fringed fashion statement by creating your very own. DIY fashion is so chic.


Totally Tote


Totes are in; fringed fashion is in, so combine the two for a stunning style statement this season. Fringe handbags are awesome additions to hold within your wardrobe. They can easily transform your current clothes, without having to go on an all-out shopping spree. Just slip your arm into a fringed tote, and you’ve got this fashion trend down pat.



Change It Up with Fringe Fashion Accessories


Every wardrobe needs a ton of accessories to compile an array of looks. They’re the only thing that can change the same outfit for every day its worn. A basic tee and denim jeans can look classy and chic with a fringe necklace, or it can look comfy and boho with a different set of accessories. So slide on some fringed bracelets, bangles or let this stunning fashion trend dangle from your neck. Your wardrobe is totally in your control when you have ample accessories to choose from.


Step Into Fringed Fashion


You simply can’t forget about the footwear. After all, what you slip your feet into can make or break the look you’re going for. Dip your toes into fringe booties for a bohemian look, or opt for a chic pair of fringe ankle-strap heels. Both looks are to die for, and a complete must-have this season.


Splash Around In the Trend


Fringe doesn’t have to be limited to streetwear. Plenty of swimwear brands are implementing this stunning fashion trend into their designs – and the result is totally chic. Stand out amongst the crowd this season and add a splash of fringe into your swimwear. Whether it’s a fringe top, one-piece or beach cover-up, you’ll definitely be making a statement on those sandy shores!


The trick to wearing fringed fashion is to pick a couple of pieces, and let them take control. Too much fringe can look frumpy and out-dated, so remember – minimalism is the key to shaking things up this season.

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