Fashion Fix: Netflix's Most Stylish Streaming


Fashion Fix: Netflix's Most Stylish Streaming

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How many of you, like me, spend ages trying to find something to watch on Netflix, then end up giving up because you can't settle on something, or nothing seems amazing enough to watch? Well, no more hours need to be spent searching as I have found the most stylish documentaries that Netflix has to offer that will not only entertain you, but also give you plenty of style inspiration for the months to come.


Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's on Netflix

What fashion-obsessive hasn't dreamt of visiting the legendary New York department store? A fashion designer can tell themselves that they have truly made it when they have a collection gracing the floors of Bergdorf's. The Matthew Miele documentary gives a glimpse into life beyond the shop floor and into the inner workings of the glorious fashion emporium. Featuring interviews from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, the Olsen Twins, Rachel Zoe and Joan Rivers, this documentary will certainly keep your interest from start to finish.


Advanced Style

Fashion Documentaries - Advanced Style

The fashion world is no longer dominated by the youthful – there is an increasing number of women who are embracing their own personal style long after the appearance of the first wrinkle or grey hair. Advanced Style follows the lives of seven New York women that celebrate their eccentric style and outlandish spirit, challenging the way many of us see ageing.

The documentary is based on the famed blog of the same name, by Ari Seth Cohen, and paints vibrant portraits of the stylish women, aged 62 to 95, who not only challenge today's attitude about age, but also look stylish and beautiful doing it. You will experience a newfound self-esteem just watching these amazing women.


Dior and I

Fashion Documentaries - Dior and I

Christian Dior is one of the world's most influential fashion houses, with some of the hottest celebrities lining up to be seen in these beautiful gowns and garms. 'Dior and I' takes you straight into the world of the fashion juggernauts, following the creation of Raf Simons' first haute couture collection. Rather than focusing all the attention on the designer, the film pays homage to the hard-working and dedicated seamstresses that help make Simons' vision become a reality.


Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars on Netflix

It may not be a fashion documentary, but a special sartorial mention has to go to the utterly ridiculous but utterly compelling drama Pretty Little Liars. There is no better place to go for some fashion inspiration than these troubled teenagers dealing with the evil dealings of the mysterious 'A'.

Slightly Gothic girls will love the edgy style of Aria, with her love of biker boots, jackets and quirky skater dresses. Sporty girls will find inspiration with swimmer Emily and her casual style, featuring lots of skinny jeans and oversized tank tops. If you are the preppy type, then Spencer is your style guru – tweedy blazers, riding boots and ditzy florals fill her wardrobe. And finally, girly girls will have a muse in Hannah, with her floaty fabrics and beautifully-structured dresses.


If you know of any other stylish shows worth streaming, make sure to share them in the comments.

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