Eye Spy: Bold Eyeshadow Shades for a Killer Beauty Look


Eye Spy: Bold Eyeshadow Shades for a Killer Beauty Look

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'Tis the season for some bolder hues within your makeup look, and your beauty products and eyeshadow shades are about to look similar in color to the leaves that are falling from the trees. Everything is getting a bit more breathtaking this fall season and there is no better way to be bold with your new seasoned look than with some eyeshadow shades. Forget about the pretty pastels and creams of summer because the fall is much more dramatic, yet perfect for everyday wear. Check out some of the must-have shades of the season.

Rock Reds and Oranges

Red and oranges are a no-brainers when it comes to the fall season, and just as your wardrobe makes the transition over, so should your eyeshadow shades. Take a little note out of Cara Delevigne's makeup looks as she is the prime example of rocking deep, dramatic reds and oranges that work for all kinds of skin tones and complexions. Start with a neutral all over the lid then swipe some red and oranges in the outer corners and blend, blend, blend. It's a smokey look that is ideal for the fall season.

Be Fearless in Yellow

The thought of wearing yellow beauty products can definitely be intimidating, but this bright tone has proven across all kinds of runways that it can totally be a hit within any look. To pull off a yellow eyeshadow look, use a matte yellow shadow on the lid and add some killer contrast with a deep blue crease or some gem-toned purple mascara. The pop of color will be absolutely couture. With a couple beauty product tips, even electric yellow can be flawless.

Keep The Green

While most of your surroundings are losing their green touch, you can definitely implement it back into your life with some eyeshadow shades. Greens have such a wide variety and the fall season definitely loves the lightest or deepest of tones. Kendall Jenner is often seen turning heads with a light green makeup look with darker eyeshadow shades fading into the outer corner of her eyes. Both matte and shimmery greens are this season's favorite, so get your hands on the light or dark tones that speak to your style.

Pretty in Purple

Purple eyeshadow shades are a favorite for so many celebrity stylists because it naturally makes the colors of the eyes pop. Lilac is certainly one of the most popular choices, which works flawlessly for hazel or green eyes. If you want a more simple makeup look, opt for a sheer eyeshadow shade that will soften the entire look.

The best part about these bold, dramatic eyeshadow shades is that they can easily be turned into day or night looks. With a bit of blending of different tones, you can have a smokey eye look that steals the show, or something a little less that allows you to kill that boardroom meeting first.

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