Achieve Your Best Look with These Fab Makeover Tips


Achieve Your Best Look with These Fab Makeover Tips

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Anyone who's ever seen Clueless knows that makeovers can be a great deal of fun! They can also make a huge difference to your overall look. Better yet, if you embark on a makeover with friends, you can get some great insight about what styles look good on you, and you can also take advantage of their skills and techniques when it comes to styling and beauty applications.

To ensure your next at-home makeover session is a roaring success, make sure you have these essentials close at hand:

Inspirational Materials

Think magazines, think Internet articles, think YouTube videos and tutorials, think lookbooks: everything you need to inspire you to try out new techniques and get creative with your makeovers.

If you and your makeover buddies don’t have a lot of experience doing makeovers (or with getting adventurous, fashion- and beauty-wise), it’s a good idea to choose inspirational materials which also include how-to lists and technique tutorials to help you out.

A Variety of Makeup

If you don’t have a lot of makeup in your repertoire, you don’t need to go crazy here and buy all of the really expensive stuff. Instead, take a trip to your local drugstore and get a variety pack of cosmetics, or pick up a few items in different colors to test things out. You can also request samples at makeup counters in department stores – not everyone in your makeover session will be able to test the same items out, but you’ll get a good idea of how different shades and brands look.

As a general rule, you should at the very least have:

- Mascara

- Eyelash curler

- Liquid eyeliner

- Crayon / pencil eyeliner

- Bronzer

- Blush in two shades

- Foundation and / or concealer in three shades

- Lip liner in two shades

- Lipstick in three shades

- Eye shadow in six shades

- Nail polish in four shades

- Nail file

A Variety of Hair Items

Creating new hairstyles can be a lot of fun when it comes to makeovers! You’ll want hair brushes, combs, various styling lotions, sprays, and creams, a straightening iron, a blow dryer, and a curling iron for sure. Also consider having hair dyes, hair pieces, and wigs – just in case!


This includes movies, music, food, and drink! Make your guests feel as comfortable as possible by providing them with tasty snacks and fun entertainment (how about a classic makeover movie marathon?).

Good Lighting and a Comfortable Environment

This is a necessity, just like the entertainment piece. It will really help round out your makeover session to be the best it can be! Make sure there are plenty of comfortable sitting areas, and that there are enough mirrors for everyone to do makeovers at the same time. Bring in some extra lamps and move the mirrors towards brightly-lit areas by big windows if you’re short on good lighting.

What would you add to this list? What are your makeover tips and essentials? Share!

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