Easy Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Healthier

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Easy Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Healthier

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Poor health habits are some of the toughest to break. It’s hard to say no to that bag of chips when you’re feeling perfectly healthy, not to mention ignoring the craving for a salty kick. But those little slip-ups and bad lifestyle choices add up. It’s only a matter of time before the consequences of those drinking binges and all-you-can-eat buffets will catch up with you. 

Easy Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Healthier

Luckily, developing healthier habits is not as daunting as you think. If you’re the kind of girl who has palpitations at the thought of hours in the gym and strict calorie counting, don’t worry. Sometimes all you need to jumpstart a healthier version of yourself are little lifestyle changes, some of which you won’t even notice. 

1.) Pay More Attention To What You’re Eating

Stop it with the working lunches already. The ability to gobble up a sandwich while speed walking to your next meeting isn’t a skill you should be proud of. Put that smartphone away, then sit down and concentrate on your meal. Simply being mindful of what you put in your body makes your meals more enjoyable and lessens your tendency to overeat. It also keeps you from making bad meal choices. When you take the time to think about what goes in that chicken nugget you’re chewing on, you’ll definitely hesitate to grab another one.

2.) Convenience is key

Picture this. You’re on your way home from a particularly hectic day at work. You’re tired, hungry, and not in the mood to slave on for two more hours to prepare a dinner. What’s the magic solution? Take-out. Pizza, burgers, Chinese food, it’s hard to resist temptation, especially when it’s so convenient. Protect yourself from the trap of take-out food by making sure you always have a stash of healthy, easy to prepare food at home. Plan your meals at the start of the week so you won't have to think about cooking dinner after a particularly killer meeting. If whipping up a salad at home takes even less time than ordering at your favorite fast food joint, you won’t be tempted to make unnecessary stops on your way home. 

3.) Get into the habit of sneaking in exercise into your routines

One of the myths about exercising is that for it to be effective, you have to spend a lot of time in the gym. The truth is, you might not even need a gym membership to stay in shape. The trick is to just keep moving. This might be a challenge if your work is limited to staying at your desk all day, but there are creative ways to squeeze in a bit of exercise. Have meetings standing up, or instead of emailing a colleague a question, just walk over to his or her desk and ask in person. Trade in that short, crowded commute to work for a leisurely stroll home. Sure, it might take you a little bit longer, but it also helps you destress and doubles as  exercise time too. 

4.) Enlist the help of a buddy

It’s hard to muster the motivation to make healthy choices when everyone around you seems to be gorging on cupcakes. To help keep you on track, scout around for a friend who also wants to stay fit and be each other’s healthy buddies. This means that you have someone who will encourage and wave pompoms when you trade in that bottle of beer for a healthy seltzer instead. Knowing that someone else has a stake on your health progress is helpful in keeping your fitness goals intact, as a bonus most exercise activities are twice as fun when done with a friend.  

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