Easy, Breezy Fall Coats to Take You Through The Chilly Months


Easy, Breezy Fall Coats to Take You Through The Chilly Months

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It’s time to retire your polka dot bikini for some stylish outerwear. Although it doesn’t sound too exciting for the most of us, throwing on some layers doesn’t have to be a drag. With these fall coats, your outdoor ensemble can give you all the brightness, comfort and warmth you need during these chillier months.



Fancy in Fur Vests


The season wouldn’t be complete without some fur fall coats. For the days where you need a little added warmth, throw on a fur vest. Whether you prefer the faux fashion alternative or the authentic version, this is one way to keep your ensemble easy and breezy this fall.


Glamour in Graphics

each-x-other-mariner-fur-coatThe fur fall fashion trend doesn’t end there. For the days where you want to add a powerful statement into your look, throw on a fur graphic fall coat. Everything from fur patches, contrasting squares, bold lines and eccentric elements are on point for this season.


Stylish in Shearling


While (faux) fur is always at the top of the fall fashion trend list, this year, Shearling isn’t far behind. These fall coats are made from a fluffy material that is certain to keep you warm and chic throughout the season.


Modish in Military


Military fall coats took over the catwalks this year, and are definitely a must-have within your seasonal wardrobe. Opt for a military green style or one that has all the belts and whistles to look mod and edgy this fall season.


Chic in Colors


It’s time for the dark and dreary tones of the season to move over, because the fall coats of the season are switching things up a bit. This year, let the color of your outerwear add some shine into your wardrobe because spring tones, such as vibrant pinks, yellows, oranges – you name it – are on trend! It can be an excellent way to battle the winter blues that are right around the corner.


Modern in Minimalistic


This fall coat trend is quite opposite to the others mentioned because it’s all about minimalism. There’s no fancy fur, no belts and buttons and certainly no spark of color. Instead, minimalistic fall coats use nothing but sharp edges and a sculpting bodice to add style into a rather basic look.


Couture in Cropped


Cropped peacoats are definitely a must-have fall coat for the season. Designers have taken the traditional peacoat and cropped it into a modern masterpiece. It won’t keep your tushy warm, but it’ll definitely excite your entire ensemble.


There’s no shortage of fall coats this season, and they can be the perfect way to take the dry and dreary days of fall and turn them into a fashionable masterpiece. Shop FaeArch today for all your outerwear!


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