Drugstore Highlighters to Achieve a Hollywood Glow


Drugstore Highlighters to Achieve a Hollywood Glow

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Take one look at celebrity photos and you’ll quickly see that the key to getting those Hollywood makeup looks is highlighter – and a lot of it. Everyone from the Kardashian clan to Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah and Gigi Hadid use facial highlighters to bring out their best features while also giving them that healthy glow that keeps them looking revitalized. Achieving that Hollywood glow has never been easier. Here are our favourite drugstore highlighters to give you the glowing makeup looks you desire.



Get That Daily Glow


You should never start your day without some well-needed moisturizers. It’s one of the most important steps to achieving all makeup looks, and unfortunately, it’s almost always forgotten or underestimated. So, start your day off with some moisturizer that has a bit of a sheer finish to get that daily glow every day. If not, use a daily moisturizer and top it with a highlighting foundation.


Power to Perfection


For those days when you feel like your makeup looks are just dragging, use a highlight powder to lighten things up. A simple swirl in the container and a light brush across your face can take an every day look and turn it into some extraordinary.


Streak on the Cheeks


There are many powder highlighters that can give your entire face that Hollywood glow, but the key to achieving your favorite celebrity makeup looks is all about the streaking. Keep your clothes on ladies, because we are talking about streaking some highlighter across your main focal points on your face. Use this stick and smear it along the top of your cheekbones and down the center of your nose. Add a bit above your lip and on your chin for added shine.


Favor your Features


Your face isn’t the only thing you should be highlighting. Many celebrity makeup looks add a touch of shimmer on the eyes, lips and under the brows to make important features on the face pop. Use this highlighter to sprinkle a bit of gold shimmer onto your features.


Banish the Shadows


Highlighters also have the power to hide certain elements on your face, as opposed to bringing them out. This highlighter pen banishes the shadows that are hindering your makeup looks, and illuminates your skin in all the ways you want.


Getting those highly desirable celebrity makeup looks is definitely achievable – and you don’t even have to break the bank. Faearch has everything you need to take a basic look to runway perfection.




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