How to Dress Up Jeans


How to Dress Up Jeans

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How classic are blue jeans? Comfortable to wear, flattering to look at, and appropriate for all kinds of occasions, jeans are often a staple in any wardrobe. And if you choose the right jeans and pair them with the right clothes and accessories, you can dress them up so they're perfect for anything, not just for casual get-togethers and weekends anymore!

Here are just a few ways you can dress up a pair of jeans:

  • Choose Understated Black Jeans.

Ah, black. While I am all for classic blue jeans, sometimes they don’t quite cut it. But you can still wear jeans in most workplaces by swapping your usual blue pair for some lovely soft black ones! Most people won’t even notice that they are jeans, but you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite comfortable fit while still looking the part of a serious, dressed-up professional. Black can be beautifully subtle and can be just the right backdrop for the rest of your ensemble.

  • Wear Your Jeans With a Gorgeous Pair of Shoes.

No one will notice your jeans if you are wearing sky-high heels, knee-high boots, or metallic ballet flats. When you wear the right shoes, all the attention will be drawn to them! Let your shoes really shine and take the stage in order to dress up your everyday jeans. Just make sure that your shoes really make a strong statement – and a dressed-up one, at that!

  • Have Fun with Your Hair and Makeup.

You know what makes an up-do, glittery eye shadow, and bright fire-engine red lips totally appropriate for any occasion? Jeans! By matching something typically formal with something else that’s generally perceived as very informal, you’ll look just right for a slew of occasions. Wear your favourite pair of jeans to a slightly classier get-together, but spend extra time focusing on your hair and makeup. You’ll be amazed at how fantastic this look is, and how much it will make your jeans a completely appropriate (and super fun!) choice for the event.

  • Go for a Blazer and / or Dress Top.

A tailored blazer can go the distance to making the rest of your outfit look professional, dressed up, and even trendy. In fact, pairing your jeans with a blazer will help others make the association of you being a down-to-earth, laid-back, gets-the-job-done kind of person. Add a dress top or blouse and you’ll score major points at any event!

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