Diet Tips for a Healthy Summer

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Diet Tips for a Healthy Summer

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The worst time for your diet and health plans is definitely during the summer months as they seem to go hand-in-hand with cheat days. The weather is fabulous, the days are longer and ice cream, barbecues and large feasts outdoors are a must that you just aren't willing to sacrifice just yet. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to keep the summer months delicious and healthy without having to dread the numbers that will follow on the scale.  So enjoy the season with these healthy summer diet tips.



Breakfasts Still Count

Yes, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and while it can seem practical to skip out on this morning meal so that you can hit up the sandy shores earlier or do some outdoor errands, you certainly don't want to. Instead, plan ahead and enjoy lighter breakfasts that incorporate summer staples such as superfood smoothies and fresh fruit salads.


Pack a Lunch

Packing a lunch on your days off may not be the first thing that comes to mind during the summer but it definitely should be. As you're out enjoying the sunny days of the season, it can seem totally practical to grab some beach fries or a slice of pizza from the nearby food truck, especially if you're starving with no other option close by. However, if you have a lunch packed in a cooler, you will feel less encouraged to cheat. Pasta salads and sandwiches are great items for outdoor adventures and picnics.

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Prepare With Snacks

This healthy summer diet tip goes hand-in-hand with the prior. Even if you've just had breakfast and plan to be back home before you're ready for lunch time, it never hurts to have snacks prepared. You will almost always cheat if you don't have another healthy option, and even if you're at a carnival with candy apples and cotton candy around every corner, having those watermelon slices or bag of fresh grapes will entice you to stay on the healthier route.


Eat Outdoors

No one has to ask you to eat outdoors twice, right? That's because it is much more relaxing than eating in a closed space at a hard dining table and it is actually much healthier with the healthy Vitamin D provided from that incredible sunshine. The fresh air will also do the body good. So accept that invitation to the community barbecue, go outside on your deck or enjoy a picnic.

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Enjoy Summer Treats with Less Sugar

Believe it or not, you can still enjoy those summer staples such as ice cream, popsicles and other frozen favorites such as a slushy, iced coffee or even lemonade. However, instead of grabbing them from the corner store, try making your own with healthy ingredients. Popsicles can easily be made with a blend of frozen fruits and then pouring the mixture into popsicle molds. The taste is vibrant! You can also shop for healthier alternatives such as coconut ice cream which is beyond delicious. If all else fails and you want to stop by a DQ, place importance on portion to keep your health top priority.


Drink Lots of Water

You’ve heard it plenty of times before, ‘drink more water’ and this is especially true as the heat can truly soak up your hydration. If you are feeling light-headed, dizzy, cramps or fatigue, you may be experiencing dehydration and need to get more fluids in you. Additionally, drinking water before you drink and eat can also minimize overeating. Water is key!


Avoid Late Night Eating

Midnight snacks are the culprit of many but it can truly jeopardize your health and dieting goals. Try to avoid carbs after late afternoon and minimize any eating past 7 p.m. These simple healthy summer diet tips can significantly make a positive difference in the way you look and feel throughout the season.


You can also combine healthy foods with fun summer activities like visiting a farm, picking fresh berries, visiting the farmer’s market or even growing your own fresh produce in your backyard garden. With all of these incredible healthy summer diet tips, you will feel amazing going into the next season.

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