Contouring 101: How to get the Celebrity Look


Contouring 101: How to get the Celebrity Look

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Contouring has been changing faces all across the industry, and it isn't just a beauty secret that celebrities and their makeup artists swear by. The curtains have come up, and beauty bloggers are loving the idea of perfecting the natural shape of your face, and the rest of the world is wondering how we ever lived without this makeup magic before. Strategically placed contour can complete change your facial structure and shape, or for a more natural look, it can emphasize your bone structure and even slim the areas of your face that you aren't a fan of. So, whether contouring is a completely new concept to you or if you've been watching hours on end of Youtube stars turning themselves into the most adored celebrities with some highlighting and shading, and you want to learn how to contour your face for an every day look, we've got you covered. It's time to pull out your lighter shades and deep bronzing products and finally master the art of contouring.



Where Should You Contour?

Contouring is the art of adding shadows to your face, and while this was once a celebrity secret or Photoshop favorite, everyone is now taking advantage of these simple tricks to enhance their natural appearance. Since contouring is intended to be used to hollow out your face, it is often placed in a streak right along the bottom of your cheekbone. Find the spot by touching the bottom of your earlobe and running your fingers across your cheek. This will make your cheekbone pop.  You may also want to slim your nose by contouring the sides, or soften the shape of your face by placing the deep bronzers on the outer corners of your forehead.

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Where Should You Highlight?

Highlighting goes hand in hand with contouring, so in other words, the two should be used together in order to achieve a flawless appearance. Use lighter tones (lighter than your skin tone) to allow certain features on your face to stand out while also giving your complexion a celebrity glow. Highlight just underneath your contouring on your cheekbone to make them even more prominent while also slimming your face. Add some highlight down the center of your nose to draw attention to your newly shaped and slender nose. You can even add a bit under the arch of your eyebrow, center of your forehead and chin to soften the shape of your face.


Where Should You Blush?

Technically, adding blush to your face isn't part of contouring, but no makeup look is complete without adding a bit of rouge to your cheeks. Start at the apple of your cheek and softly brush upwards towards your temple. It can help soften the entire look to complete the ultimate celebrity contouring style.


Now, don't forget to blend, blend, blend and don't stop until those deep bronzers, highlighters and blush is all swirled together to perfection. While there are literally dozens of different contouring techniques to master, various placements options and different 'looks' to achieve, this contouring guide will get you the celebrity look that is ideal for every day wear.

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