4 Must-Have Items to Achieve Coachella-Ready Looks Guaranteed to Shine


4 Must-Have Items to Achieve Coachella-Ready Looks Guaranteed to Shine

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Up the ante on your spring look with these Coachella-ready outfit ideas...

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and music festivals are about to bring in the heat of summer. Whether you’re lucky enough to attend the famous Coachella or are raising your cup at a local festival this summer, forget the little black dress and pumps at home because dressing for these events is totally different than anything else. It’s all about looking casual chic, with a stylish dose of bohemian. Check out these Coachella-inspired ensembles to get the party started.


Anything Fringe Goes


Fringe equals bohemian, making it absolutely worthy of all Coachella outfit ideas. So, anything fringe goes when it comes to music festivals. Channel your inner creativity and cut up some of your old tees to achieve a unique fringe look, or toss on a fringe crossbody bag to complement all of your Coachella outfit ideas.


Band Tees and Denim Jeans


There’s this unwritten rule that band tees are never okay to be worn to the actual band's concert. But this unwritten rule doesn’t apply to music festivals, and some of the best Coachella outfit ideas incorporate your favorite band tees. You can even combine this outfit idea with the prior and cut up the bottom to get that fringe look, or pair them with distressed denim jeans and statement jewelry to rock out all night.


Daisy Dukes and Short Shorts


Pulling off casual, chic Coachella outfits can be as simple as tossing on some daisy dukes or short shorts, and pairing them with a bikini top. As long as the weather holds out, shorts may truly be the only thing you need to pack for the weekend. Compliment the look with a fedora, big shades and statement accessories and you’re set!


Swap out the Heels for Sandals


When it comes to Coachella outfit ideas, you can honestly wear almost anything. However, there is one item that you will simply never be able to pull off at a music festival, and it’s heels. Stilettos, wedges, pumps, boots – whatever it is – if it has a heel, leave it for another occasion. Music festivals are all about relaxing and having a good time, and heels can truly put a damper on the party. That’s also not to mention walking in them while in an open field surrounded with thousands will be nearly impossible – especially if you're planning on having a red solo cup as your best accessory! So, flats are a must! Booties, cowboy boots and sandals. As a bonus, Greek sandals really amp up the bohemian vibe.


That’s all you really need to know to start coming up with your own Coachella outfit ideas. Keep it simple and chic with an adequate blend of bohemian, and nothing will be able to stop you this summer.

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