Chic Looks for All Those Summer Weddings


Chic Looks for All Those Summer Weddings

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We’ve all heard the good ole' saying, “Never wear white to a wedding”. It’s a traditional fashion rule that may seem dated, and many people think that wearing white to a wedding in today’s modern world is totally cool. It’s not. Although fashion is all about breaking the rules, the same can’t be said about this fashion rule. You never want to outshine the bride, and with so many other stunning summer wedding outfits, there’s really no need to wear white unless you’re the one saying, “I Do”.  

Fabulous in Florals

kim-printed-floral-dress One way to steer clear of the white while still looking fabulous is to stick with floral wedding outfits. There’s nothing more seasonal than a vibrant toned floral print dress, and you’ll look amazing in all those wedding shots. Plus, floral dresses can instantly be taken from formal to casual and as we know, versatile is the secret to having a good wardrobe!  

Ladylike in Lace

self-portrait-azaelea-dress There’s something so magical about weddings. Even if you aren’t the bride, it still feels like you’re living in a fairy tale. Dress for the occasion without taking away from the true princess of the day with some lace. It’s feminine, flirty and super chic! With a stunning summer wedding outfit idea like this one, you may be the one catching the next bouquet!  

Pleat Please

love21-womens-salmon-contemporary-pleated-skirt Pleated skirts are definitely at the top of the fashion trend list for this season, and for obvious reasons! They’re so stunning, and can be paired with everything from a strapless tank to a frilly top. You can wear it after the wedding simply by dressing it down with a cardigan or simpler shirt. Genius, right?  

Dress like a Boss

forever21-womens-tapered-trousers Lady suits are coming back with some power, and the women wearing them all hella fierce. So naturally, some of the best summer wedding outfit ideas are all about the lady suit! To keep things a little more sexy and a little less business, take off the blazer and wear a lace top.  

Stylish in a Jumpsuit

ramona-larue-ella-jumpsuit Jumpsuits are another huge fashion trend at the moment, and they’re perfect for summer wedding outfits. Plus, jumpsuits really take the stress out of matching a top with bottoms. You just slip into it, accessorize and you’re ready to go. So when in doubt, jump into a jumpsuit, ladies.   You wouldn’t want other people to outshine you on your big day. So, stick with these adorable summer wedding outfit ideas, and keep the white for the bride! Shop at Faearch today to find all of your fashion needs.

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