5 Fall Fashion Tips for a Very Chic Season


5 Fall Fashion Tips for a Very Chic Season

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Fall is arguably the best season for fashion. The trends are always on point; super chic and to die for. However, not all wardrobes are created equally and sometimes, we all need some secret style tips hidden up our sleeves. Here are 5 tricks you’ll need to pull off the chic fall fashion trends for 2016.



Add some Luxe into Comfy Styles


There’s no denying that the fall fashion trends are all about being super comfy as you prepare yourself for the colder days. Heavy knits, sweaters and booties are all must-haves within every wardrobe this season. However, for the days where you need to look more chic than comfy, throw a faux fur vest over your comfortable fall fashion. Your ensemble will be revitalized instantly.


Throw in Some Retro Shades


Smaller sunglasses are in this fall season. Instead of large, bug-eyed shades, opt for some retro styles that will add a bit of elegance to your favorite fall fashion trends. Think cat-eye frames, tortoise tones and unique embellishments to pull this one off.


Layer Up The Accessories


As the saying goes, accessories are the key to any outfit – and this couldn’t be any truer for the fall fashion season. In the coming months, forget about wearing only one bracelet, a set of earrings and a necklace. Fall is all about layering up on the accessories. The more the merrier! Some styles are even designed to give that layered appeal without having to actually wear a ton of different accessories. Genius, right?


Toughen Up with Army


When fall fashion trends hit the runways, you typically see gem-toned hues. While there’s no shortage of those this year, the must-have color of the season is definitely military green. It doesn’t end there, though. Military-inspired fashion is also a huge hit for this chillier season you’re about to battle. Look for pieces that have some army green and military-esque details such as belts, and you’re set for a chic season.


Add Glam with Gold


Gold tones are an excellent way to add some chic elements to your comfy ensemble. It can take your wardrobe from couch to couture in no time. So throw on some glam with gold accessories because silver is so yesterday.


It’s really that simple, ladies. Fall fashion trends are all about being comfy, but these fashion tips will ensure you look incredibly chic at the same time. Shop FaeArch for all of the fall fashion trends you need within your wardrobe.


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