Channel Kylie Jenner With These Celebrity Style Tips

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Channel Kylie Jenner With These Celebrity Style Tips

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If there is one celebrity starlet whose style is seriously taking over the spotlight, it is the adorably stunning Miss Kylie Jenner. You wouldn't really expect anything less from a member from the Kardashian clan, but Kylie is even giving her own sisters a run for their money as she quickly climbs the ranks of fashion, confidence and beauty. Every guy is crushing on this lady and every female officially has a new girl-crush. Here is your ultimate guide to channeling her celebrity style with pieces already existing in your wardrobe.



Keep It Classic

Kylie likes to incorporate black -- her favorite color -- into many of her attires, but she doesn't shy away from white, either. These two tones are forever-classic and add chic poise to any outfit you put together. Kylie can almost always be found with some sort of black or white fashion pieces and sometimes even both, which truly makes for a crisp look. The best thing about having these tones within your wardrobe is that they are so versatile, you can honestly pair them with anything.



Allow The Flow

Low-cut, flowing tops are a must-have when trying to replicate Kylie's fierce celebrity style. She loves to show off some cleavage in a sophisticated way, and the free flow of her shirts balance out the entire look so that it's neither too promiscuous nor conservative. Other styles you'll certainly want to incorporate into your closet include oversized hoodies, boyfriend-styled tees, and halters.



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She Wear Short Shorts

If you got it, flaunt it, and Kyle Jenner definitely has it. Her celebrity style is all about showing off her legs, with many of her shorts and skirts are cut short and well above the knee. She also likes to incorporate high-waist styles -- the perfect items to accent both her boho chic appeal and her high-class profile. Just be sure to keep your shorts and skirts long enough that your booty isn't hanging out, because that just isn't Kylie Jenner. When all else fails, distressed denim, it is!



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The Tighter The Better

With the Kardashian booty certainly rubbing off on Miss Jenner, it's no shock that she likes to show it off with tight pants, leggings and skirts. To achieve this look with pure perfection, balance the tightness of your pants with a loose top or emphasize their sexiness with tight cutout or crop tops, one of Kylie's favorite pairings for achieving her own personal celebrity style.

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