Celebrity Style News: Get the Selena Gomez Look Using These Fab Faearch Items

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Celebrity Style News: Get the Selena Gomez Look Using These Fab Faearch Items

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Selena Gomez absolutely slayed the recent Victoria Secret Fashion Show, and with her recent sassy comments made on Instagram, we can't help but totally adore her. Sorry, haters. Selena is making her post-Bieber comeback, and doing it with a serious step into the fashion world. Although she has always had impeccable style, her wardrobe has recently taken on an entirely new attitude. Transform your Disney-teen wardrobe into a sultry one with these, Selena Gomez outfits from Faearch!


Looking like Lingerie


Selena has been spotted in both lingerie and lingerie-looking tops. This look is incredibly easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe as well. Whether you want to go super sexy or subtly sultry, add some tops into your ensembles that have lace accents, frills and deep, dramatic tones. Low and plunging necklines are also simple ways to get that undergarment-appeal within your regular attire. Of course, you can’t forget about the perfect fit either.


The Past and Future Fashion


Selena Gomez outfits often change from the past to the future. She can sometimes be seen wearing pleats or high-waist long blowout skirts that extend slightly past her knees, and she can also be seen rocking fashion forward fabrics such as latex and coloured leather on another day. So achieving this celebrity look means that you have to indulge in the past fashion trends, and the ones for the future - or one of the other. Pick some staple vintage fashion cuts and incorporate them into your next ensemble, or fast-forward with unique fabrics that are definitely celebrity-worthy.


Stick with Soft Tones and Neutrals


Although Selena likes to add some colour into her wardrobe from time to time, getting that statement Selena Gomez outfit is all about incorporating soft and neutral hues into your look. Classic black, white, creams and tanned tones that range from sandy to down right brown are definitely a must. This keeps her look (and your new Selena Gomez outfits) classy and incredibly versatile. So, shop those timeless tones, ladies.


Sophisticated and High-Class

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Selena isn't one of those celebrities that are often spotted wearing track pants and a hoodie. Instead, she is almost always looking incredibly posh, sophisticated and high-class. Adding these Selena Gomez outfit elements can definitely be done, and you don't have to break the bank either. It can be as simple as adding a classic black blazer into your next ensemble, a fitted turtleneck LBD or wearing a trending and elegant jumpsuit. If it looks high fashion, it's super Selena style. Luxurious fabrics can also make this look even easier to rock. This star also loves her suede and silk.


Selena is often seen incorporating some trending boho-chic elements into her look with flared jeans and bell-sleeves. But one thing for sure is that this star definition knows how to dress. Take on Selena Gomez outfits by steering clear of casuals and placing high importance on those fashion statement items. Faearch has everything you to transform your look from teenybopper to trending.

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