Celebrity Style: Get Sarah Jessica Parker's Casual Look for Under $100

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Celebrity Style: Get Sarah Jessica Parker's Casual Look for Under $100

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I want a show of hands (virtually, of course) of who watches re-runs of Sex and The City? Of course, I do! I hope I'm not outnumbered, as Cosmo TV airs back to back episodes every week as part of their Throwback Thursday's programming. What I love about the show is the sheer chemistry the four ladies have with each other whenever they're out to lunch or dinner chatting away about their personal lives. Isn't it just like how real women behave when we're out with our best friends, catching up on who we're dating and, ahem, sleeping with?


Not to mention that even though the show was shot in New York during the late 1990's and 2000's, the outfits the ladies rocked during that time are still relevant in today's style scene (okay, well maybe not the black chokers that Sarah Jessica Parker wore a few times in the first season).


But what Sex and the City did was integrate the New York fashion scene into a TV show loved by millions around the world. So it's only fitting that this week's celebrity style profile is on the leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker. You don't have to be a rich Manhattanite to pull off this celebrity style look -- you only need a budget of $100 to look and feel like a million bucks!


Polka dot shirt

For under $12, this polka dot, long sleeve chiffon shirt is perfect for all body types. It's casual enough to wear on the weekends with a pair of jeans and can be dressed up with a black skirt and blazer for the office.


Black Skinny Jeans

I simply adore a pair of black skinny jeans that is versatile enough to be paired with just about anything! Made with semi-stretch material, once you slip them on, these magical jeans instantly create a skinny silhouette. Wear this pair with any top of your choice and chunky boots for a daytime look. Or dress them up by slipping on some heels for a night out on the town. And the price cannot be beat for only $29.99!


Black Shoes 

Since Sarah Jessica Parker and I have an obvious shoe fetish, I had to include 2 pairs of shoes that would go great with this look. I love this pair of Cici hot black strappy peep toe heels for $24.99 that exposes a little skin on the side. Very unique! Then my second choice are these sexy suckers Breckelles pointed toe strappy heels for $29.99. Unlike Cici's strappy peep toe heels, these shoes are closed-toe and are made with ankle straps for full support.


Accessories galore

To complete this celebrity style look, all you need to do is accessorize. Try this grunge glam necklace for only $9 and, finally, this cute little clutch that will hold your compact, cell phone, and car keys. And with a sweet price point of $14.38, how can you resist?


Now, how can you beat a grand total of $95.36. You're now officially Sex and the City street-wear ready. Are there any other Sarah Jessica Parker looks you're in love with? Let us know!


Former model and Miss Universe Canada 2003 contestant turned author and actress has a passion for fashion! When she's not writing or on set, Hazel loves giving beauty tips on hair, make-up, skin care, and fashion, so that you can become a better, fabulous, you.

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