Celebrity Style: Get J.Law’s Hot, Red Carpet Worthy Looks

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Celebrity Style: Get J.Law’s Hot, Red Carpet Worthy Looks

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If you’re a lover of celebrity style, you’re probably already obsessed with the highly addictive Jennifer Lawrence. This girl is so relatable and totally down to earth, it’s hard to not fall in love with her. Then, when you take a look at her style, you’re hooked. It’s girl crush status 101. You may not be able to live like her, but you can definitely dress like her with these style tips!



Get The Glam Look

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When J.Law goes glam, it’s all about classics. This is key to remember if you’re considering mimicking this celebrity's stellar style for your next fancy outing. Every time you see this beauty walking down the red carpet, she is a total showstopper, but not because she is wearing something risky or flashing her naughty bits. She always sticks to the classics. A black dress with some dazzling sparkly accessories is completely J.Law worthy.


Super Casual Yet So Chic

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When Jennifer Lawrence is out being a normal human being (if that’s even possible since she’s such a rarity), she’s almost always seen rocking some fitted, low rise jeans and a casual top. It’s basic, but this star expertly complements her casual ensembles with stunning oversized sunglasses, and a super haute handbag to keep the look from becoming boring.


Business Casual

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When you’re in the need of a business casual ensemble, take a look at this celebrity's style because she does it right! J.Law pulls out her beloved denim jeans and pairs it with a basic top – sometimes even a tank, and lets her outerwear and accessories turn it into an office-worthy look in no time. Toss on a classic black blazer, pair it with a super-chic purse and complete the look with a pair of fierce heels that show you mean business!


Date Night

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When it’s date night for Jennifer Lawrence, she combines everything she knows about dressing for the red carpet, dressing for errands and dressing for a radio interview and puts it into one stunning look. Follow this celebrity's style and stick with classic colors such as blacks, whites or reds when choosing your dress. It should be fitted, slimming and super-feminine. Then toss on some awesome sunglasses and pair with a clutch and a wicked pair of heels, and you’re ready for whatever your night has to bring.


Being like Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much impossible because she is completely one-of-a-kind. However, dressing like her is simple if you follow the celebrity style tips provided! J.Law would be so proud!


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