Bikini Body Workout: Effective Exercises for Toned Legs

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Bikini Body Workout: Effective Exercises for Toned Legs

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We finally have some warm weather to celebrate! Summer is well and truly here and all forecasts say that it is going to be a hot one. That means we can no longer hide our legs constantly underneath jeans and tailored trousers -- it's time to get a little bit of sun on our skin and let all of our pretty summer dresses and cute shorts out of the wardrobe.

If you aren't feeling so body confident when it comes to your legs or just want to tone them up a bit so you can walk a little bit taller, there are some simple exercises you can do to get those legs in shape. We know that you don't want to spend hours at the gym working out, so we have found some quick yet effective exercises that will boost that body confidence.


The Chair Squat

Leg Toning Exercises - The Chair Squat

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A great exercise for beginners and for those that don't have an endless supply of exercise equipment or an expensive gym membership. All you need is a chair and your legs. This exercise not only helps to tone the thigh and calf muscles, it also helps to lift the butt – so go on and get the chair out for five minutes.

  1. Stand with your back to the chair and place your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Keeping your weight on your heels, pull in your abs and lower your bum slowly towards the seat of the chair.
  3. Stop just before your bum touches the seat and whilst keeping the abs pulled in, return slowly to a standing position.
  4. Repeat to 10 repetitions, and complete 3 sets of ten.


180 Degree Squat Jump

Leg Toning Ecercises - 180 Degree Squat Jump

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The squat jump will give you toned legs and you will have fun doing it. There is something quite freeing about jumping around your living room, bedroom or garden like a happy little frog. And like the chair squat, this exercise will tone all parts of the leg, as well as the butt. The squat really is a miracle exercise.

  1. Get into a squat position, with the legs hip width apart.
  2. Jump up and spin 180 degrees whilst in the air, landing in a squat in the opposite direction.
  3. Keep it up for 30 seconds, and complete for 5 sets.


The Leg Lift

Leg Toning Exercises - The Leg Lift

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You don't need expensive weights or sophisticated gym equipment to get a good leg workout. You can use the weight of your own legs to help tone them up at home, using a chair for support – a super simple, leg lift exercise.

  1. Stand facing your chair and place the heel of one leg on the seat with your foot flexed.
  2. Lift the foot off the chair and lift and straighten it out without locking the knee on your standing leg. You will feel the muscles of your lifted leg tighten.
  3. With the leg still lifted from the chair, bend the knee of your standing leg slightly and then straighten.
  4. Place your lifted leg back onto the chair.
  5. Repeat for 10 repetitions on each leg, and complete 3 sets.

Complete one or two of these exercises everyday and you will notice your legs and bum really firm up.

Remember ladies, be confident about who you are – walk tall with your head held high, and enjoy the confidence and boost these exercises can give you.

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