Travel Essentials: Best Beauty Products for a Fab, Fresh Look


Travel Essentials: Best Beauty Products for a Fab, Fresh Look

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Finally, your vacation has arrived and it's time to pack for your long-overdue getaway. Your suitcase is exploding with clothes and shoes, and now it's time to gather your must have travel essentials to keep you looking fabulous and fresh while frolicking on the sandy shores or exploring the sights of a new area. Whether you're hitting the road with some friends or flying overseas, you will want to keep your beauty bag and travel essentials as concentrated as possible without leaving out any of the important stuff!


For The Skin in the Sun

We're not here to preach the "SPF, SPF, and more SPF" chant that is filling the beauty industry, although it is extremely important. Since you are likely packing your beauty bag with limited space available, try to combine your skincare needs into a couple of your best beauty products. For this exact reason, a tinted moisturizer that has SPF protection is a total must-have. It covers your complexion lightly - perfect for vacation, adds in that moisture to keep your skin looking vibrant and also provides you with a layer of skin protection. Instantly, you narrowed down having three cosmetics bottles in your beauty bag into one.


For Your Beloved Locks

Your hair is a big deal even if you're planning on sunbathing on the sand every day, so it is extremely tempting to want to take hair spray, gel, serum, dry shampoo, mousse and your whole cosmetic counter top with you. However, it isn't so practical. Instead, stick with smaller bottles of shampoo and conditioner, one of your favorite hair styling products, and more importantly, a dry shampoo. After achieving those natural beach waves, the last thing you will want to do is shower them out. Instead, use a dry shampoo to revitalize your locks, giving you a fresh, effortless vacation look.

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For Your Makeup

Sure, bringing your entire makeup collection on vacation with you would be great, but doing so will take up way too much space with all those shadow pallets, facial cosmetics, tints, concealers, liners, lips and well, you get the point. If you have the room, pack in smaller versions of your must-have eye shadows (preferably in colors that can also be used as for contouring), but more importantly, don't forget your best mascara and a great lip shade. You can work the shadows around your face to give a flawless glam and a brush of voluminous mascara and a lip popping gloss is really all you need.

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For The Removal

After all of that, isn't it crazy to think that we then spend time removing these products? Instead of packing a huge bottle of polish remover, facial cleanser and makeup remover, pack in small wipes that can be used to remove chipped polishes, and cleansing wipes that will also remove makeup while cleaning out your pores efficiently. Bottles are too big and bulky, and you risk having them leak all over your belongings. Wipes often times don't require water and in seconds, can do their job so you can get back to the fun stuff!


You're all set! Time to zip things up, fill your iPod with your best jams and get the fun started!

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